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SO many isp providers- let us all remember that there  is

an ALLADINS CAVE of new internet treasures- but you have to




Thank  heavens MF GLOBAL is  considered too little to fail with a “little” $50 Billion loss  portfolio- so we as taxpayers dodged another bullet …

MF Global today filed for bankruptcy protection, after a weekend dash to sell the company ended short of the finish line.

Here are the people or groups that stand to lose big from MF Global’s bankruptcy:

However, Corzine ended up with more than a $3.1 MILLION salary for failing;

HOW DO THESE WALL STREET INSIDER GUYS DO THAT ? Every company I have worked for fores you if you do not make your goals..

Shareholders: Typically when a company goes through bankruptcy protection, its common shares end up worthless. These are the largest holders of MF Global common stock, according to MF Global’s documents filed with a bankruptcy court:

1) Fidelity’s Pyramis Global Advisors, 13.9 million shares or 8.44% of common stock

2) Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America, 12.9 million common shares, or 7.8%. (A spokeswoman said Monday that Guardian’s RS Investment Management has sold its stake in MF Global.)

3) Fine Capital Partners, 21.5 million shares, 7.37% *(This appears to be a typo in MF Global’s filing. In a recent SEC filing, Fine Capital reporting owning 12.16 million shares, for a 7.4% stake in MF Global.)

4) Cadian Capital Management, 10.2 million shares, 6.17%

5) TIAA-CREF, 9.5 million shares, 5.77%- THE TEACHERS/ EDUCATORS PENSION FUND – OMG the poor teachers

fund always finds a way to pick a bad investment.

John Corzine swept in last year to lead MF Global, and he had ambitions to remake the company in the image of his former company, Goldman Sachs.

Over the summer, bond investors apparently thought highly enough of Corzine that theydemanded a richer payout from MF Global if Corzine left the firm for a high-ranking government job. Today, such a “key man” clause seems like an antique.

Howeve, Corzine  is still richer that Croesus; Corzine  will just not mak AS MUCH after the MF Global bankruptcy filing. Corzine’s compensation last year was $14.2 million, including stock options MF Global valued at $11.1 million. Those options pay off at a share price of $9.25, which means they are very likely to be worthless now.

My math says he made $ 3.1 MILLION -last year –  I could handle that.

Not many of us made $3.1 MILLION last year.

OCCUPY WALLSTREET – how many famlies could eat on the $3.1 Million Corzine made?






99ers UNITE

 When WE elected a politician who  is making $275,000 a year- salary and benefits,

of  OUR money and you and I  are jobless and forclosed -

WE must remember

WE are  his/her  EMPLOYERS :

 WE hired  this incompetent idiot – yet we are being foreclosed upon -bankrupt and desperate 

and  he/she  is SO INEPT – or self serving – he cannot pass a bill to create even  10,000 jobs ..

We are either a nation of sheep or all of these politicos deserve to be fired...

“If you’re not in the richest 2 percent, you’re struggling. We have to ask the question, why are corporations, major corporations, sitting on millions and billions of record profits by their own account yet they’re still not hiring? We have to ask the question why our government continues to fight itself and ignore our needs.”


Her speech and arrest happened last November, nearly a year before the Occupy Wall Street protests became an international sensation. Way before many of the occupiers took up the cause of the 99 percent, there were “99ers” — the very long-term jobless.

 Their protests were smaller, and they got less attention. Now several 99ers and the long-term jobless, including Frederick, have joined the Occupy Wall Street cause.

There are more than 2 million Americans who’ve been out of work for 99 weeks or longer, according to the Census Bureau. Ninety-nine weeks is the current cutoff point for unemployment insurance in22 states.

A 99er can be either a person who’s been out of work at least that long or a person who ran out of unemployment insurance, whether it lasted for 99 weeks, 86 weeks or 76 weeks (the duration varies depending on a state’s laws and its unemployment rate).

But now, because of the “We are the 99 percent” slogan, Occupy protesters are being referred to as 99ers.

“We’re gonna have to do a little rebranding there,” Frederick told HuffPost on Thursday. The former union organizer said she’s down to her last seven weeks of benefits and will consider herself a 99er if she doesn’t find a job before they run out. (In New York, the limit is currently 93 weeks.)

Frederick is helping organize a working group called “Jobless Avengers” that will hold its first meeting Friday afternoon in Zuccotti Park, where the Occupy protests got started a month ago.

“Jobless Avengers seeks to give voice and visibility to the many jobless and local business owners who are silently suffering in this economy,” says a flier (PDF) Frederick is currently distributing. “We will be Silent No More. As part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, we are focused on action, not policy, political or legislative debate. This working group is open to all, but a special invitation is extended to the jobless, underemployed, 99ers/UI exhaustees and local small business owners.”

Frederick said she wants Congress to pass a jobs bill similar to the one proposed by President Obama, but better — with things like job training initiatives that focus on people who have exhausted their benefits and additional  weeks of benefits. She called the current cutoff points “arbitrary.”

Chris Williams, a 53-year-old 99er from Harlem, said he’s glad to become a part of the Occupy movement, but that he thinks 99ers should maintain a narrower focus on unemployment and jobs. He’s been filming the protests and said he is attending another jobless-focused working group on Friday.

“Since they’ve coined the term 99 percent, we’re really back in the shadows,” he said.

Williams crossed the 99 week milestone last year. He said he lost his job with a corporate law firm in 2008. “It’s frustrating. It’s depressing,” he said of becoming a 99er. “You wonder what’s going to happen to you.”

Normally, 26 weeks is the maximum duration of unemployment insurance, but Congress routinely creates additional weeks during recessions. If the current regimen of extended benefits is not reauthorized, nearly 2 million recipients will find themselves cut off come January, according to the National Employment Law Project.


Poor Sam, of the fat fingers, and his heavy touch and his ongoing saga of Smartphone SAMSUNG GRAVITY challenges.

He still hates the touch screen on his Smartphone and the MINUTE  his  T- Mobile contract is over, like a BULLET  he

will turn that SAMSUNG GRAVITY in for a clam shell, and

will be going back to his clamshell – IF he can find one.

The CLAM SHELL  is now the old fashioned CORDED PHONE OF CELLPHONES – lol.

Seriously, though boys and girls, when touch screen phones  were engineered and created

with monetization in mind, of course, the aspect of comfortable and CONVENIENT physiological usage

by those of us who have more than 40 candles on our birthday cake was NOT in the mix. SURPRISE SURPRISE..

Where does that leaves the Fat Finger Sams of the world ? With a JITTERBUG ??

Actually- he will wisely choose a phone to fill HIS needs.

Not a phone  that was made to enable marketers to monetize ( translation- turn BIG BUCKS  at your expense to pay for the hype) that is for sure…

What does Sam of the Fat Fingers WANT a phone to do for him ?

Sam wants  phone to RING and - he wants to be able to open it ,

or push a button and say Hello- and not go sliding his fingers all over to get a connection and  say HELLO.

No dropped connection, please and when he is through talking- say GOODBYE and close that puppy.Period.

Sam of the Fat Fingers  does NOT want to text, scan ,shop or surf the internet on a relatively slow, comparatively teeny screen.

Sam of the Fat Fingers already has  state of the art desktops and laptops that perform  FAR better  than ANY mobile 3G or4G.

BUT – oh whimper – the cell phone manufacturers cannot make ENOUGH  MONEY from someone who only says hello and good buy- and does not buy their junk- (sorry guys.. but in this economy we try to get what we NEED not a time waster.)

The cell phone marketers want you to buy stuff- that is what your phone is for- YOUR desire to talk is just a necessary evil

They want you to SHOP- Not talk…

Just one example:  RINGTONE SUBSCRIPTIONS for $4.99 per month, which you do not need , ( multiply THAT by a few million users   when the COSTS to the cell phone provider is pennies -what a profit margin. )

SEE? Wouldn’t YOU want to sell Smartphones and not clamshells or corded phones – albeit with superb sound transmission?








BILLIONARE SALARIES:25 hedge fund managers earned  $22.07 billion


25 hedge fund managers earned a total of $22.07 billion, according to this year’s annual ranking by AR Magazine, which tracks
the hedge fund industry.

At $50,000 a year,  it would take the salaries of
441,400 Americans to match that sum.

And how many people even earn that $50,000 a year ?

And the GOP is fighting for the managers tax break?

And the GOP has the nerve to waste YOUR tax dollar-the  salary you pay them – on such a goal.

Where is the advocacy for  the JOBLESS- – the homeless the forclosed..


One Nation Under Bailout




He knows that it takes the combined salaries of 441,000 American wage earners to earn the what a few hedge fund manager do.AND he worrries that they cannot keep even MORE of thier money.

THEY ARE HIS PRIORITY-OK- they PAY him- they contribute to his party- of course he loves them  

And then says he needs to protect them, as they are JOB CREATORS? 


The only job they ever created was the cushy niche they wangled for themselves;

 through family- or the same college or prep school or –for a few- a really hard climb up the ladder.

To them- kudos. 

However, most hedge fund managers are the favored children or relatives of Wall Street execs- who start the family members with the idea as follows:

Their  son./daughter just graduated from Harvard- needs a job- to get married – start a family- so…  .

As they call it- and this ACTUALLY is the phrase

 you start him/her at the “bottom”

“A $100,000 a year negligible base”

What is YOUR negligible base?

OCCUPY WALL ST: Hedge Managers Earn as Much as 441,400 Americans 

As Americans are More JOBLESS- More Homeless- GOP wants billionaire tax breaks.Thank you Mitch Mc Connell-


in which world are you ?

What a slap in the 99%  collective faces..

Please read this : OCCUPY WALL STREET

Remember the Republicans want a tax reduction for the Hedge fund Managers:  and we are PAYING them

to represent our best interests. What does the average Congressman earn?

More than you ???

Thank you  you CNBC.

HEDGE FUND Managers Earn as Much as 441,400 Americans

Ten years ago, when
the hedge fund industry was much smaller than it is today, it took 25 hedge fund
managers to earn a combined annual payday of $5 billion last year, it took
only one, the New York Times reports.



OK boys and girls  this an UNDERSTATED

a VERY abbreviated list of the BAILOUT  I CANNOT EVEN get it all on my SCREEN  this is what we paid-and WILL never see repaid..



GOLDMAN SACHS lays off sends jobs abroad and WE pay for Unemployment Insurance


BOTTOM LINE : YOU BOUGHT THESE BANKING FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS- who now will not refinance your home or CONSIDER your business loan..

Total purchase amount:


Total repaid:


Capital Purchase Program total investment:









Wells Fargo & Co. San Francisco Calif. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 State Street Corp. Boston Mass. $2,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Bank of America Corp.1 Charlotte N.C. $15,000,000,000
10/28/2008 JPMorgan Chase & Co. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Citigroup Inc. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Morgan Stanley New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Bank of New York Mellon Corp. New York N.Y. $3,000,000,000
11/17/2008 Regions Financial Corp. Birmingham Ala. $3,500,000,000
11/17/2008 UCBH Holdings Inc. San Francisco Calif. $298,737,000
11/17/2008 Bank of Commerce Holdings Redding Calif. $17,000,000
11/17/2008 Broadway Financial Corp. Los Angeles Calif. $9,000,000
11/17/2008 SunTrust Banks Inc. Atlanta Ga. $3,500,000,000
11/17/2008 Northern Trust Corp. Chicago Ill. $1,576,000,000
11/17/2008 Provident Bancshares Corp. Baltimore Md. $151,500,000
11/17/2008 U.S. Bancorp Minneapolis Minn. $6,599,000,000
11/17/2008 TCF Financial Corp. Wayzata Minn. $361,172,000
10/30/2009 WashingtonFirst Bankshares Reston Va. $6,842,000
11/6/2009 F & M Bancshares Trezevant Tenn. $3,535,000
11/20/2009 Presidio Bank San Francisco Calif. $10,800,000
11/20/2009 McLeod Bancshares Shorewood Minn. $6,000,000
11/20/2009 Metropolitan Capital Bancorp Chicago Ill. $2,348,000
12/4/2009 Broadway Financial Corp. Los Angeles Calif. $6,000,000
12/4/2009 Delmar Bancorp Delmar Md. $9,000,000
12/4/2009 Liberty Bancshares Fort Worth Texas $6,500,000
Total purchase amount: $204,808,576,320
Total repaid: -$96,249,045,000
Capital Purchase Program total investment: $108,487,042,320



PROXIEZ-NET  the ISP Russian internet service provider was taken down when its upstream provider had its service turned off. NOT GOOD.The ISP was popular with cybercriminals, housing at least 13 known Zeus command and control centers, The Whir reports.

The ISP was known as PROXIEZ-NET before its upstream provider -

( Malware- Trojans -Cybercrime- abounding)

PROXIEZ-NET  the ISP Russian internet service provider was taken down when its upstream provider had its service turned off. NOT GOOD.The ISP was popular with cybercriminals, housing at least 13 known Zeus command and control centers, The Whir reports- lost its service. The ISP might have hosted more C&C channels, but the Zeus Trojans were the only ones found at the time of the crash.

After hearing about the takedown, many security members expressed their approval.

Just another skirmish in the fight to fight the malware networks,” said ZDNet UK editor Rupert Goodwins, BBC News reports.

“Malware has to report back to base for instructions and to deliver its goods. Cutting off that connection can disable entire networks in one go, but if the malware has the ability to find or create other connections then things can swiftly get back to normal.”

While this center was taken down, the Zeus viruses associated with it can still latch on somewhere else for further commands. Trojan viruses work by infiltrating a system and then receiving commands from an outside network. These commands usually involve siphoning confidential information from a system while installing further malware to paralyze the computer.

Users are advised by experts to consistently download the latest antivirus software and to avoid downloading suspicious material, which could lead to a malware breach. – поиск работы, вакансий, резюме
Ищите работу на – мы знаем, как помочь Вам найти работу Вашей мечты!

Рекрутинговый портал работает на российском рынке онлайн-рекрутмента с 2000 года и является лидером среди ресурсов, предлагающих поиск работы и персонала.

Портал содержит обширную базу резюме специалистов и вакансии ведущих компаний. предлагает соискателям и работодателям целый ряд информационных услуг: поиск вакансий, поиск резюме, помощь в составлении резюме, рекомендации для работодателей по работе с базой резюме, рассылка вакансий и многое другое.

Поиск работы и поиск резюме специалистов можно осуществлять по целому ряду параметров, отбирая лучшие резюме и вакансии. – это работа для молодых специалистов и профессионалов с опытом, работа в Москве и регионах, работа в крупных международных компаниях и небольших организациях. Резюме на портале могут размещать как соискатели, заинтересованные в работе с постоянной занятостью, так и те, кто ищет временную работу или работу по совместительству.

Ежедневно в базу данных сайта добавляется более 80 000 резюме специалистов и более 10 000 вакансий. Более 4 500 000 человек уже разместили резюме на нашем портале. Более 400 000 компаний-работодателей, просматривая резюме кандидатов, подбирают с нашей помощью нужных специалистов. – это место, где отличная работа и лучшие специалисты находят друг друга!


For Western consumers, the ability to transfer money from one place to another is just one way technology has made our lives easier.

However, perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of the advances in mobile banking are in emerging economies.

In Nigeria, for example, only 19 million of the 149 million population have bank accounts, but 75 million have mobile phones. ( SCARY THOUGHT)

Therefore the ability to use a phone as a conduit for funds is crucial, whether it’s for buying products or sending cash to the family.

HERE COMES  UK-based mobile money firm Monitise.

Montise been granted a provisional license by the Central Bank of Nigeria to introduce payments by mobile phone, allowing users to add money to their “mobile wallet” or make withdrawals through a network of processing agents. They will soon be receiving services such as savings, pensions and insurance.

Group strategy director Richard Johnson says: “In places like the UK, we have the luxury of choice in how we manage our money. In emerging countries, a lot of people aren’t going to get access to the internet and no one is going to build ATMs.

“If I needed to send cash from the city to my parents in a rural area I’d normally have to get on a bus and travel for hours or days.

“Now I can effectively text the money and they can exchange it for cash in the local community.”

The firm’s work saw it recognised as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2006, but it has also been working on several mobile financial management projects in developed economies.

It developed the Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest apps, provides services to more than 200 financial institutions in the United States and has a global partnership with Visa International.

Its platform deals with more than 100m transactions per year on more than 3,000 different handsets. Monitise has offices in the UK, the US and Hong Kong and employs 150 staff.

Johnson says: “Successful mobile apps aren’t about squeezing the internet into a small screen, but making use of what mobile can do.

“There’s a whole generation coming through that doesn’t really use the internet as much. It’s all happening on mobile. Soon it will all just be seamless.

“You won’t need to go to a PC and print out a voucher, or remember a website to look at it later. In time, your handset will be your wallet.”Mobile money apps will transform way we live

Monitise boasts a technical platform which has support for a range of handsets, security measures and business logic.

The first battle in getting consumers to interact with their money is to convince them it is secure.

You can say that again…O, Prince who has yet to email me my $10,000000…..

He says: “You don’t want to download a banking app from someone asking for your details if you don’t know who they are.“There have been one or two instances in the US of people putting up spoof apps.

“With our services one thing you can do is lock your details to your mobile phone.

“Even if I phished your passcode I’d still have to go into your house and steal your mobile phone as well. It adds that extra level of security. You don’t need to put in a user ID as the handset is your user ID.

“These aren’t Crazy Frog ringtones. It’s money, so it needs to be very secure. That’s the only way it can achieve mass market adoption and flourish.”

Mobile banking is just the beginning of a development which could see mobiles playing a key role in personal finance, from making payments to receiving offers.

Johnson expects to see banking become a “more personalised and fragmented service” as providers offer extra services for premium subscribers.

However, he is confident that it is a service that could bring the world much closer to its bank balance.

He says: “People are using apps 16 times a month, which in excess of the amount they’re using internet banking.

“At a time when people are more concerned about their money, enabling them to be more in control is a good thing.”

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