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SO many isp providers- let us all remember that there  is

an ALLADINS CAVE of new internet treasures- but you have to





Are you thinking mobile yet… if not you should be.

Consider these stats:

  • There are 5.2 billion mobile subscribers globally (77% of the world’s population).
  • In 2012, smartphone sales will overtake computers.
  • By 2013, more people will access the Internet through their mobile than through a PC.
  • By 2015, mobile broadband could be 3-4 times faster than fixed line broadband in many countries.
  • 79 percent of U.S. consumers use a smartphone to help with their shopping.
  • On average, people look at their phones 150 times per day.


With smartphones rapidly reaching critical mass in some markets, mobile is evolving from a “discovery” to a purchase tool for consumers.

At the Nielsen Consumer 360 conference in Frankfurt, Germany, strategies for driving an integrated mobile strategy were revealed.

Growth Potential in Germany is Big

With more than one mobile phone per person in Germany, it is a strong mobile market, but the potential for growth exists. German mobile consumers are connected and getting smarter. Nearly two out of every three (63%) mobile purchases in Germany are smartphones.

Today, 30 percent of Germans own a smartphone, compared with 45 percent in the U.K., 40 percent in the U.S., and 36 percent in Russia.

And with 83 percent of German smartphone users contract-billed by a carrier, higher monthly spending patterns follow: users spend an average of 1.5 more than feature phone users on their bills.

 Over 65 percent of smartphone owners use email and half are active social network users.

Perhaps most compelling is the fact that more than half (58%) of mobile Internet usage occurs in the home, virtually changing the way people shop and opening up new opportunities for advertisers.

Fifty-six percent of Germans react when receiving mobile advertising on their phone and more than one in five purchased the item advertised. ( THIS WAS A BIG SURPRISE)..

 “Mobile truly serves as the bridge between the online and the offline world,” explains David Gosen from Nielsen. “Mobile is empowering consumers to interact with stores, brands, friends and family in a way they never have done so before.”

More than 250 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices and they are twice as active as non-mobile users.

 In Germany, nearly 50 percent of all smartphone users have used a social networking app in the last 30 days.

A mobile and social media strategy must go hand-in-hand (having a Facebook page is not enough). And proximity is influence. Location-based mobile alerts are impacting decisions to buy in a particular store.

 Creating a successful mobile strategy requires 4Cs:

  • Content – be engaging.
  • Conversation – create two-way dialogue
  • Community – connect through advocacy programs
  • Continuity – think long-term and on-going


Mobile is a big part of your customers lives – be a part of it. Build deep and more engaging personal dialogs – be where they are. Creativity and innovation differentiates your brand at every stage of their journey. Understand the real insight and behaviors of your mobile consumers to drive success.






Thank  heavens MF GLOBAL is  considered too little to fail with a “little” $50 Billion loss  portfolio- so we as taxpayers dodged another bullet …

MF Global today filed for bankruptcy protection, after a weekend dash to sell the company ended short of the finish line.

Here are the people or groups that stand to lose big from MF Global’s bankruptcy:

However, Corzine ended up with more than a $3.1 MILLION salary for failing;

HOW DO THESE WALL STREET INSIDER GUYS DO THAT ? Every company I have worked for fores you if you do not make your goals..

Shareholders: Typically when a company goes through bankruptcy protection, its common shares end up worthless. These are the largest holders of MF Global common stock, according to MF Global’s documents filed with a bankruptcy court:

1) Fidelity’s Pyramis Global Advisors, 13.9 million shares or 8.44% of common stock

2) Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America, 12.9 million common shares, or 7.8%. (A spokeswoman said Monday that Guardian’s RS Investment Management has sold its stake in MF Global.)

3) Fine Capital Partners, 21.5 million shares, 7.37% *(This appears to be a typo in MF Global’s filing. In a recent SEC filing, Fine Capital reporting owning 12.16 million shares, for a 7.4% stake in MF Global.)

4) Cadian Capital Management, 10.2 million shares, 6.17%

5) TIAA-CREF, 9.5 million shares, 5.77%- THE TEACHERS/ EDUCATORS PENSION FUND – OMG the poor teachers

fund always finds a way to pick a bad investment.

John Corzine swept in last year to lead MF Global, and he had ambitions to remake the company in the image of his former company, Goldman Sachs.

Over the summer, bond investors apparently thought highly enough of Corzine that theydemanded a richer payout from MF Global if Corzine left the firm for a high-ranking government job. Today, such a “key man” clause seems like an antique.

Howeve, Corzine  is still richer that Croesus; Corzine  will just not mak AS MUCH after the MF Global bankruptcy filing. Corzine’s compensation last year was $14.2 million, including stock options MF Global valued at $11.1 million. Those options pay off at a share price of $9.25, which means they are very likely to be worthless now.

My math says he made $ 3.1 MILLION -last year –  I could handle that.

Not many of us made $3.1 MILLION last year.

OCCUPY WALLSTREET – how many famlies could eat on the $3.1 Million Corzine made?




“The target call” in Novosibirsk

Appsnewbie LIKES THIS – thank you YANDEX.RU.

From now on advertisers from Novosibirsk service is available “Target bell” . 

Now they can count how many calls come from customers who have come to PPC advertising on Yandex. 

Working with “Trust call” in conjunction with the statistics of orders on the website allows you to get a complete picture of how many clients come from advertising and Yandex.

Direct Yandex.Market, and thus more accurately estimate the cost-effectiveness. The advertiser may also use the reports on calls to establish business processes. For example, choose the best hours of the sales department.

Connection conditions and the work of “Trust calls” in Novosibirsk simple. 

To account for the calls to users with metrics Novosibirsk Phone (383) and an average monthly budget on advertising over the past three months, more than 6,000 rubles will be allocated a special number. He may only see the visitors, who came out on the ads and Yandex.Direct Yandex.Market. Call statistics can be viewed in reports metrics.

We plan to soon offer the service “Task Call” and other regional advertisers. 

So there




Poor Sam, of the fat fingers, and his heavy touch and his ongoing saga of Smartphone SAMSUNG GRAVITY challenges.

He still hates the touch screen on his Smartphone and the MINUTE  his  T- Mobile contract is over, like a BULLET  he

will turn that SAMSUNG GRAVITY in for a clam shell, and

will be going back to his clamshell – IF he can find one.

The CLAM SHELL  is now the old fashioned CORDED PHONE OF CELLPHONES – lol.

Seriously, though boys and girls, when touch screen phones  were engineered and created

with monetization in mind, of course, the aspect of comfortable and CONVENIENT physiological usage

by those of us who have more than 40 candles on our birthday cake was NOT in the mix. SURPRISE SURPRISE..

Where does that leaves the Fat Finger Sams of the world ? With a JITTERBUG ??

Actually- he will wisely choose a phone to fill HIS needs.

Not a phone  that was made to enable marketers to monetize ( translation- turn BIG BUCKS  at your expense to pay for the hype) that is for sure…

What does Sam of the Fat Fingers WANT a phone to do for him ?

Sam wants  phone to RING and - he wants to be able to open it ,

or push a button and say Hello- and not go sliding his fingers all over to get a connection and  say HELLO.

No dropped connection, please and when he is through talking- say GOODBYE and close that puppy.Period.

Sam of the Fat Fingers  does NOT want to text, scan ,shop or surf the internet on a relatively slow, comparatively teeny screen.

Sam of the Fat Fingers already has  state of the art desktops and laptops that perform  FAR better  than ANY mobile 3G or4G.

BUT – oh whimper – the cell phone manufacturers cannot make ENOUGH  MONEY from someone who only says hello and good buy- and does not buy their junk- (sorry guys.. but in this economy we try to get what we NEED not a time waster.)

The cell phone marketers want you to buy stuff- that is what your phone is for- YOUR desire to talk is just a necessary evil

They want you to SHOP- Not talk…

Just one example:  RINGTONE SUBSCRIPTIONS for $4.99 per month, which you do not need , ( multiply THAT by a few million users   when the COSTS to the cell phone provider is pennies -what a profit margin. )

SEE? Wouldn’t YOU want to sell Smartphones and not clamshells or corded phones – albeit with superb sound transmission?










Three NFC (near field communication) giants  are announcing a global alliance to help promote the use of the technology as a viable mobile marketing tool.

The firms involved in the NFC World Alliance each represent a different geographic region, and include Blue Bite(America’s region), Proxama (EMEA) and Tapit(Asia-Pacific).

All three already have experience in running successful NFC-based campaigns that have helped connect brands to their audiences on a large scale.

“We’re very excited about the potential of NFC,” says Blue Bite’s VP Business Development Dan Trigub, referring the to short-range, high frequency technology that, these days, is often more associated with mobile wallets and mobile payments systems than it is with advertising. In the future, NFC could provide comparable reach to traditional mobile media, Trigub explains.

“NFC is becoming the  standard on mobile handsets,” adds Neil Garner, CEO of Proxama, “particularly for tag reading.”

Tag reading enables a consumer to tap an NFC-enabled item, like a poster or sticker, to receive information or perform an action. Similar to the functions provided now by barcode scanners, with a tap, users of NFC phones could launch an app or visit a website, for example. But NFC can also enable other actions, too, such as “liking” a brand on Facebook, following a Twitter account, or even switching on Bluetooth to opt into direct-to-mobile offers from a retailer.

In addition to the combined interest in promoting NFC technology, the three companies involved in the alliance have access to the key media buyers in the region, which makes the newly formed group sort of a one-stop-shop for a brand looking to run or expand a global campaign in other regions. Alliance members will provide support, analytics and other tools to participating brands looking to experiment with the new medium, they say.

After a campaign completes, the firms will share the details of what they learned with each other in terms of what worked and what did not, so they can all improve their own systems. At some later point, this information may also be released in the form of research reports or white papers.

And, says Tapit CEO Jamie Cunningham, when there is leftover ad inventory, members may also use that space – like the ad panels at a bus stop, for instance – in consumer education efforts about the benefits of NFC and how it works.

In short, the participating firms simply believe that when it comes to consumer adoption of NFC,

it will be brands leading the way, not the OEMs, handset makers and mobile payments companies. Whether or not that’s accurate remains to be seen, of course.

However, the alliance is yet another example of NFC’s upward momentum this year, which in and of itself speaks to the technology’s growing potential.

Hacking Into Paypal

By Kevin Hanson

Where do I start ..this company PAYPAL has made me ill .. in January of this year I was robbed of $15,000 through or should I should  say by PAYPAL.

Mine seems to be all the horror stories rolled into one I now have their bailifs knocking at my doors. sorry i am too ill to write the story fully. I ask you get this published in the media so these hounds no longer persist.( email me if you want the full story).


Posted by HOW TO HACK INTO PAYPAL ACCOUNTS WITH CONFIRMED ADDRESSES!!! on September 06, 19103 at 05:06:06:



1) The following complete hacking tutorial contains materials that may not be suitable for irresponsible internet users, reader discretion is advised!

2) The hacking method is based on a secretly discovered security flaw in the PayPal ( mailing address confirmation system. It will only work BEFORE PayPal discovers this serious security flaw and fixes it. Take your action FAST!

3) This method works only works for hackers with PayPal accounts with CONFIRMED MAILING ADDRESSES. It will never work for PayPal user without a confirmed mailing address.

4) By strictly following instructions in the following tutorial, youll gain unlimited access to various PayPal accounts with confirmed mailing addresses. Use those accounts AT YOUR OWN RISK. Youre responsible for your action!

5) When you use PayPal, NEVER log on to sites that do not start EXACTLY with even if it contains the term paypal in it.


Since its birth in 1998, eBay owned company PayPal ( has become a hugely popular internet banking company, as the brand-new idea of sending money to anyone in the world through Email has won hearts of millions of internet users worldwide, the number of members of PayPal has been skyrocketing since. PayPal is now by far the most successful internet banking company.

However, insecurity on the internet has been a great problem since the beginning of the boom of the dotcom economy; all famous computers companies have been victims of hackers from around the globe due to sec


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OK-VKontakte.RU- why am I running this ad -

VKontakte.RU DOES NOT PAY ME;as the late President Nixon said- let me make this perfectly clear

VKontakte.RU does  do not know appsnewbie exists- (probably)

BUT I want you to have cultural advertising OPTIONS-

to see the ever increasing global advertising  market- and to  EXPLORE your possibilites-

I am here to give you knowledge- choices options- which in the ultimate end – will make you SO SUCCESSFUL.



they donot


VKontakte .ru is  a leader in all areas related to  online communication :

  • Internet resource number 1 in Russia and Ukraine.
  • 1.4 billion pages on the site is opened daily.
  • The site recorded more than 71 million users.

VKontakte the most visited social network in Russia (TNS Gallup, Alexa, Liveinternet) and the largest database of potential Russian client for any business.  
In Touch with full information on all towns, streets, neighborhoods, schools in Russia – and for those people who have the attitude to them. This allows you to target ads with unprecedented accuracy. Every day in contact can be seen about half a billion pages. That’s more than all the other resources you’ll ever need to put together. In other words, more than half the pages of all you’ll ever need on a daily basis opened in touch.

Contextual advertising

Targeted ads – a service that allows you to get the most interesting and relevant offers based on the data of your page, and find interested customers for your business. 
The advantages of targeted ads

  • Refer to the audience you need.
  • Pay only for results – unique visitors.
  • Promote products, companies and events, ensuring a virus.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

The possibilities are endless choice of target audience

  • Sex, age, marital status, country and city.
  • University faculty, the school year to higher education.
  • Positions, locations, metro and even the streets.
  • Interests, hobbies, favorite movies, books, games, etc

Banner Advertising

  • Promotional material consists of two banner sizes 120×300 and 600×90
  • The image must not exceed? Amb 25 KB.
  • The material displayed in the blocks on the left and bottom of the screen.

Displaying a banner at the bottom of the screen is counted only if the user scrolls down the page to its location.

  • Left and bottom of this page, you can see examples of advertisements.

Audience: An active, loyal audience.  
Coverage: weekly audience exceeds 10 million people *. 
The number of registered users: 50 million (on 27.11.2009). 
Social Network № 1 in Russia in the number of users included in the TOP 3 in the number of visitors in RuNet **. 
And in Website? Web:  *  Unique users per week in Russia, age 12-54, the source TNS Gallup Media, Web-Index, May 2009. **  Mean than the Russian average for July 2008 according to TNS Gallup.



TEXTING VIRGINS : All you texting virgins out there who are shy about admitting that this is the first time for you-
and the fact is about 20% of all American cell phone users do not text.
But since AOL is the familiar email  standard for millions of users
– some of whom are either more comfy emailing –  but would like to put the toes in the texting waters  - the ability to text from your email is HERE and EASY.

How to send a text from Classic AOL Mail

Here’s how to send texts to friends and family members’ mobile devices from Classic AOL Mail.First, here are the mobile service providers that AOL supports.

Verizon AT&T
Sprint Google Voice (temporarily unavailable)
T-Mobile Boost (1-way messaging only)
Virgin Mobile US Cellular
Alltel Cricket Wireless
nTelos Wireless Centennial Cellular
Immix Wireless Cellular One
Appalachian Wireless Bluegrass Cellular
COM TMI Wireless GCI/Alaska DigiTel
Illinois Valley Inland Cellular
Nex-Tech United Wireless
West Central Coming Soon: Metro PCS


Also, texting is currently only available to U.S. mobile numbers (no international numbers and no landlines).

OK, here goes:

1. At the top left corner of your Inbox, click Compose and then Text.



2. Enter the mobile number (including area code) that you’d like to text. Type all 10 digits together — no spaces, hyphens, parentheses or any other marks are necessary.


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