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Are you thinking mobile yet… if not you should be.

Consider these stats:

  • There are 5.2 billion mobile subscribers globally (77% of the world’s population).
  • In 2012, smartphone sales will overtake computers.
  • By 2013, more people will access the Internet through their mobile than through a PC.
  • By 2015, mobile broadband could be 3-4 times faster than fixed line broadband in many countries.
  • 79 percent of U.S. consumers use a smartphone to help with their shopping.
  • On average, people look at their phones 150 times per day.


With smartphones rapidly reaching critical mass in some markets, mobile is evolving from a “discovery” to a purchase tool for consumers.

At the Nielsen Consumer 360 conference in Frankfurt, Germany, strategies for driving an integrated mobile strategy were revealed.

Growth Potential in Germany is Big

With more than one mobile phone per person in Germany, it is a strong mobile market, but the potential for growth exists. German mobile consumers are connected and getting smarter. Nearly two out of every three (63%) mobile purchases in Germany are smartphones.

Today, 30 percent of Germans own a smartphone, compared with 45 percent in the U.K., 40 percent in the U.S., and 36 percent in Russia.

And with 83 percent of German smartphone users contract-billed by a carrier, higher monthly spending patterns follow: users spend an average of 1.5 more than feature phone users on their bills.

 Over 65 percent of smartphone owners use email and half are active social network users.

Perhaps most compelling is the fact that more than half (58%) of mobile Internet usage occurs in the home, virtually changing the way people shop and opening up new opportunities for advertisers.

Fifty-six percent of Germans react when receiving mobile advertising on their phone and more than one in five purchased the item advertised. ( THIS WAS A BIG SURPRISE)..

 “Mobile truly serves as the bridge between the online and the offline world,” explains David Gosen from Nielsen. “Mobile is empowering consumers to interact with stores, brands, friends and family in a way they never have done so before.”

More than 250 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices and they are twice as active as non-mobile users.

 In Germany, nearly 50 percent of all smartphone users have used a social networking app in the last 30 days.

A mobile and social media strategy must go hand-in-hand (having a Facebook page is not enough). And proximity is influence. Location-based mobile alerts are impacting decisions to buy in a particular store.

 Creating a successful mobile strategy requires 4Cs:

  • Content – be engaging.
  • Conversation – create two-way dialogue
  • Community – connect through advocacy programs
  • Continuity – think long-term and on-going


Mobile is a big part of your customers lives – be a part of it. Build deep and more engaging personal dialogs – be where they are. Creativity and innovation differentiates your brand at every stage of their journey. Understand the real insight and behaviors of your mobile consumers to drive success.






I’m getting arrested- OWS – the APP

Android developer Jason Van Anden designed an app for protesters participating in OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protests.YAAY Jason..

This app called “I’m getting arrested” works with the idea that participants in the protests weigh the possibility that he or she may be arrested.

The “I’m Getting Arrested” Android app has an easy setup:

After being setup with one push on the keypad, the program automatically alerts family, friends, attorneys, Facebook and Twitter.

LET PEOPLE KNOW – WE WORRY ABOUT YOU-and our poor poor country:

What has our indifference wrought? We elected  a preponderance of “legal” thieves- economic traitors and con artists.. 

Remember Maytag and Whirlpool in Newton Iowa – and Whirlpool- after all this country has done for you 

you should hang your head in shame.





Newton Iowa : Whirlpool Corporation Would Make Norman Rockwell Weep

The economic death  of a town; that is what has  been wrought by the Whirlpool Corporation of Newton Iowa and their astounding – shocking level of greed.

Billions in profit were not enough- they wanted  MORE  to achieve an arbitrary profit goal to boot a stock price.

AND chose to lay off 5000 America  workers and ship the jobs offshore. 

Newton Iowa, former home to Maytag- peopled by good Americans whose very fabric  of life has been destroyed by unprecedented  avarice .

 Whirlpool Corporation- you are an economic Benedict Arnold.

Your greed- and the greed of so many corporate traitors  like you-, will destroy our country far more quickly and profoundly than any Soviet missile  …I hope you are proud of how you have  served your country…


Norman Rockwell would hang his head in despair and shame that you are a fellow citizen – and that you have so mishandled and wasted your gift  of making your community thrive and grow.   




99ers UNITE

 When WE elected a politician who  is making $275,000 a year- salary and benefits,

of  OUR money and you and I  are jobless and forclosed -

WE must remember

WE are  his/her  EMPLOYERS :

 WE hired  this incompetent idiot – yet we are being foreclosed upon -bankrupt and desperate 

and  he/she  is SO INEPT – or self serving – he cannot pass a bill to create even  10,000 jobs ..

We are either a nation of sheep or all of these politicos deserve to be fired...

“If you’re not in the richest 2 percent, you’re struggling. We have to ask the question, why are corporations, major corporations, sitting on millions and billions of record profits by their own account yet they’re still not hiring? We have to ask the question why our government continues to fight itself and ignore our needs.”


Her speech and arrest happened last November, nearly a year before the Occupy Wall Street protests became an international sensation. Way before many of the occupiers took up the cause of the 99 percent, there were “99ers” — the very long-term jobless.

 Their protests were smaller, and they got less attention. Now several 99ers and the long-term jobless, including Frederick, have joined the Occupy Wall Street cause.

There are more than 2 million Americans who’ve been out of work for 99 weeks or longer, according to the Census Bureau. Ninety-nine weeks is the current cutoff point for unemployment insurance in22 states.

A 99er can be either a person who’s been out of work at least that long or a person who ran out of unemployment insurance, whether it lasted for 99 weeks, 86 weeks or 76 weeks (the duration varies depending on a state’s laws and its unemployment rate).

But now, because of the “We are the 99 percent” slogan, Occupy protesters are being referred to as 99ers.

“We’re gonna have to do a little rebranding there,” Frederick told HuffPost on Thursday. The former union organizer said she’s down to her last seven weeks of benefits and will consider herself a 99er if she doesn’t find a job before they run out. (In New York, the limit is currently 93 weeks.)

Frederick is helping organize a working group called “Jobless Avengers” that will hold its first meeting Friday afternoon in Zuccotti Park, where the Occupy protests got started a month ago.

“Jobless Avengers seeks to give voice and visibility to the many jobless and local business owners who are silently suffering in this economy,” says a flier (PDF) Frederick is currently distributing. “We will be Silent No More. As part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, we are focused on action, not policy, political or legislative debate. This working group is open to all, but a special invitation is extended to the jobless, underemployed, 99ers/UI exhaustees and local small business owners.”

Frederick said she wants Congress to pass a jobs bill similar to the one proposed by President Obama, but better — with things like job training initiatives that focus on people who have exhausted their benefits and additional  weeks of benefits. She called the current cutoff points “arbitrary.”

Chris Williams, a 53-year-old 99er from Harlem, said he’s glad to become a part of the Occupy movement, but that he thinks 99ers should maintain a narrower focus on unemployment and jobs. He’s been filming the protests and said he is attending another jobless-focused working group on Friday.

“Since they’ve coined the term 99 percent, we’re really back in the shadows,” he said.

Williams crossed the 99 week milestone last year. He said he lost his job with a corporate law firm in 2008. “It’s frustrating. It’s depressing,” he said of becoming a 99er. “You wonder what’s going to happen to you.”

Normally, 26 weeks is the maximum duration of unemployment insurance, but Congress routinely creates additional weeks during recessions. If the current regimen of extended benefits is not reauthorized, nearly 2 million recipients will find themselves cut off come January, according to the National Employment Law Project.

Thank you Palm Beach Post for such a timely article.

Although this particular case is from Florida,  this same tragic scenario is being rewritten daily through our great Nation under Bailout . The digital divide is growing daily- hourly- with each click of our collective mice.

Although the 50 plus age community is highly represented  ( or NEVER counted as they are invisible)

in this struggling group, the newly poor – the foreclosed, homeless and jobless are in the same hopeless situation.

When I created APPSNEWBIE, I strongly felt that this  ” technological underclass”  was  a sad byproduct  we would see and I HOPED ( silly Pollyanna me ) that as a moral a society, we l find it  of value to provide education- access and services to the desperately in need .Silly Appsnewbie. 

 You cannot even apply for a job without  a computer.

But you lost your house -foreclosure  AND you pawned your laptop so you could eat.Or buy your diabetes medication

You are living in a car and the libraries and workforce shops have limited computer usage times-;

Those public computers also have firewalls so all job sites are not usable-and you cannot type that fast 

Plus the public computers they have are slow- hey -

the billionaire computer vendor who had that government t contract that sold the computers palmed off his second rate stuff- no sweat  -

After all- his/her  pal was sure he got the bid…






Seniors  Without Computers Struggle to Apply for Food Stamps, Medicaid benefits


Philip Proulx knew just enough about computers to check guests in at an apartment building in Palm Beach, where he worked as a doorman for several years.

Proulx, 77, was laid off recently and realized his $735 monthly Social Security check would not cover his expenses. His only hope was applying for food stamps and cash assistance.

Proulx said he tried calling the state Department of Children and Families’ toll-free number to apply over the phone, but a recorded message kept telling him to call back because of high call volumes.

He asked for help at several community organizations but was told he could apply for government aid only through the Internet. Proulx said he had no idea how to even get to the DCF website, much less find the application and submit it online.

Proulx’s quandary is not isolated, according to officials at local community agencies. Elderly and disabled residents or those without computer skills or access to an Internet connection, often struggle to get help to obtain food stamps and Medicaid assistance, the officials say.

“If they have no computer skills, they cannot apply on their own,” said Lela Jordan, director of Vickers House in West Palm Beach. “Many people who need food stamps and Medicaid face barriers to even apply because of their lack of computer skills.”

“If you are computer-ignorant, that’s too bad,” Proulx said. “You’ve got to find out how to do it on your own.”

He eventually found help at Vickers House and applied for food stamps and cash assistance online. But before he did, he said, “I’ve never been so confused in my life.”

DCF says about 90 percent of food stamp recipients apply online – an indicator that most have access to computers. But DCF spokesman Joe Follick said, “we do understand the frustration” of those who struggle with the online application process or busy phone lines.

DCF does not keep track of the number of complaints about the online application process since calls come in from regional and circuit offices, call centers and even the governor’s office.

But Follick said the department is aware of the problems and determined to fix them: “It’s our number one priority.”

DCF’s manpower has remained largely the same over the past five years, even though requests for food stamps have more than tripled, Follick said.

Even DCF Secretary David Wilkins, in a memo to employees of the department’s online system, called Access, said improvements must be made to ease the application process and make more operators available for callers.

“Employees, the millions of clients they help and all Floridians deserve a system that is efficient and minimizes the delay and frustration that are already heightened when families face difficult situations,” Wilkins wrote.

This year, DCF hired a new economic self-sufficiency director and has hired 60 employees for its call centers, Wilkins said.

Simple requests, such as how to reset passwords for online access, are being diverted to a group of operators to reduce wait times on the toll-free number, and the process will eventually be automated, Wilkins said. The department also plans to make its website easier to navigate.

Meanwhile, problems remain.

At Christians Reaching Out to Society Ministries, or C.R.O.S. Ministries, in Lake Worth, Director Pam Cahoon said many of her clients find it impossible to reach DCF to apply for benefits.

She said those without computers can sometimes use public library machines, but most libraries enforce time limits on computers.

“Unless you are really fast with the computer, you can’t get through,” Cahoon said. “It’s just absolutely horrible.”

At C.R.O.S., the demand for help filling out food stamp applications online is so high that the organization and DCF are splitting the cost of two workers dedicated to helping people apply and interview for government aid, Cahoon said.

“It’s just virtually impossible to get through on the phone,” she said.


European Audiovisual Observatory: The MISSION

European Audiovisual Observatory: FINANCES YOUR MEDIA PROJECT

Why am I posting this  for you?

Because this governmental entity actually has the money  to FINANCE your media endeavor; is this horrible financial clime- we need all the help we can get

your European

  • to create transparency in the European audiovisual sector
  • to provide information services for audiovisual experts

A Challenge for Europe

The audiovisual sector is one of the fastest growing areas of the European economy and a leading global market. The internationalisation and integration of what previously were mostly national media landscapes, boosted by rapid technical progress, mean that the audiovisual sector now stands out above other branches of the economy.

As well as huge potential, the dynamism, size and incredible diversity of the sector bring certain challenges for the players involved. One such challenge lies in people’s understanding of the audiovisual sector or of its component parts, over and above linguistic, cultural and national boundaries. Such an understanding depends on reliable, up-to-date information, the need for which has never been as great as it is today.

Transparency through Information

According to its Statute, “the aim of the European Audiovisual Observatory shall be to improve the transfer of information within the audiovisual industry, to promote a clearer view of the market and a greater transparency. In doing so, the Observatory shall pay particular attention to ensuring reliability, compatibility and comparability of information“.

The Observatory’s task is therefore clearly defined: to improve the transfer of and access to information. Achieving this means developing and providing information services in whichever formats audiovisual specialists need them most.

Fields of Activity and Responsibility

The Observatory has adopted a pragmatic definition of the audiovisual sector in which it works. Its principal areas of interest are:
Video/DVD and the expanding field of
New Media.

In these four sectors, the Observatory provides information services in the following fields:
- Market and Statistics,
- Law and
- Production and it’s Financing.

As far as its geographical scope is concerned, the Observatory monitors, records and analyses developments in its Member States.

In addition, if it seems sensible from a practical point of view, countries relevant to Europe are included.

Information Services and Target Groups

The various stages involved in providing information include the systematic collection, documentation and processing of information and data, together with its dissemination to users.

The services offered by the Observatory can be divided into five groups:
Print Publications,
- Online Publications,
Online Services,
Conferences and Workshops.

In addition, requests received by the Observatory are passed on to the relevant contact persons.

The Observatory’s primary target groups are audiovisual experts, including decision-makers in the various national ministries responsible for media, the relevant press officers of related public administrative

bodies, journalists, scientists, researchers, lawyers and advisers.

REALLY take time to read the services- I hope that it will help make your deam come true..



Hey you single and looking Appsnewbies

Here is the Singlesquare link to help you find a special someone…

Have you ever wished you see a list of all the singles nearby and had a way to communicate with them in real time? Would you like a way to avoid embarrassing face to face rejection?

Maybe you have spent time on a dating site only to find out someone wasn’t exactly truthful with their profile.

As in the advertiser was  still married – or the “widower” had a very healthy spouse who was not computer literate.

Or the potential dater had a “hidden ” photo

Or being divorced  was only in their  imagination.  

Well, SingleSquare is a fun FREE app designed to help with just those problems. To separate the wheat from the  chaff, so to speak. 

Also, SingleSquare’s new “Icebreakers” are a fun feature that people can read, write or rate even when they aren’t looking to meet new people. Let SingleSquare help you find “Love at First Sighting”

Key Features

  • Users post “Single Sightings” to the places they are currently at announcing that they are single and open to meeting new people.
  • Users can pull up a list of the “Single Sightings” nearby or view a particular venue’s “Single Sightings” to see how many single people are currently at that location.
  • Users can send “Smiles” to other singles they would like to flirt with.
  • Users can send messages to specific people (as long as their privacy settings permit), and interact with those nearby singles in real time.
  • Users can post “Icebreaker Lines” that they think are good, then other users can rate them if they agree. Users can also add the “Icebreaker Lines” to their favorites, or use them as an introduction to other users.
  • Users can win custom SingleSquare badges for sending messages and posting “Single Sightings”.
  • SingleSquare includes the normal FourSquare functionality.


Please support WXEL TV Channel 42 a Public Broadcasting Station



“The target call” in Novosibirsk

Appsnewbie LIKES THIS – thank you YANDEX.RU.

From now on advertisers from Novosibirsk service is available “Target bell” . 

Now they can count how many calls come from customers who have come to PPC advertising on Yandex. 

Working with “Trust call” in conjunction with the statistics of orders on the website allows you to get a complete picture of how many clients come from advertising and Yandex.

Direct Yandex.Market, and thus more accurately estimate the cost-effectiveness. The advertiser may also use the reports on calls to establish business processes. For example, choose the best hours of the sales department.

Connection conditions and the work of “Trust calls” in Novosibirsk simple. 

To account for the calls to users with metrics Novosibirsk Phone (383) and an average monthly budget on advertising over the past three months, more than 6,000 rubles will be allocated a special number. He may only see the visitors, who came out on the ads and Yandex.Direct Yandex.Market. Call statistics can be viewed in reports metrics.

We plan to soon offer the service “Task Call” and other regional advertisers. 

So there



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