Doodle for iPhone Product Overview
Doodle for iPhone
Doodle easy scheduling now available for the iPhone and iPod touch: Find the right date and time for a group of people to meet and enjoy Doodle’s virtually effortless scheduling the iPhone way!

This is an iPhone optimized front end for the powerful Doodle web interface where anyone (with any mobile device or desktop computer) can participate in schedules and polls.

Doodle for iPhone supports all essential features known from the web version:

Easily participate in any poll by tapping on its participation link anywhere on your iPhone (e.g. in Mail)
Initiate and track meeting requests from your iPhone, wherever you are
Invite participants using your iPhone address book
Optimized result view suggesting the best option for your meeting
Communicate with participants using the comments feature
Quick participation with the “All Options” or “None of the Options” button
Easy access and overview from your dashboard
Connect your MyDoodle account to stay in sync with your web dashboard

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