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OK-VKontakte.RU- why am I running this ad -

VKontakte.RU DOES NOT PAY ME;as the late President Nixon said- let me make this perfectly clear

VKontakte.RU does  do not know appsnewbie exists- (probably)

BUT I want you to have cultural advertising OPTIONS-

to see the ever increasing global advertising  market- and to  EXPLORE your possibilites-

I am here to give you knowledge- choices options- which in the ultimate end – will make you SO SUCCESSFUL.



they donot


VKontakte .ru is  a leader in all areas related to  online communication :

  • Internet resource number 1 in Russia and Ukraine.
  • 1.4 billion pages on the site is opened daily.
  • The site recorded more than 71 million users.

VKontakte the most visited social network in Russia (TNS Gallup, Alexa, Liveinternet) and the largest database of potential Russian client for any business.  
In Touch with full information on all towns, streets, neighborhoods, schools in Russia – and for those people who have the attitude to them. This allows you to target ads with unprecedented accuracy. Every day in contact can be seen about half a billion pages. That’s more than all the other resources you’ll ever need to put together. In other words, more than half the pages of all you’ll ever need on a daily basis opened in touch.

Contextual advertising

Targeted ads – a service that allows you to get the most interesting and relevant offers based on the data of your page, and find interested customers for your business. 
The advantages of targeted ads

  • Refer to the audience you need.
  • Pay only for results – unique visitors.
  • Promote products, companies and events, ensuring a virus.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

The possibilities are endless choice of target audience

  • Sex, age, marital status, country and city.
  • University faculty, the school year to higher education.
  • Positions, locations, metro and even the streets.
  • Interests, hobbies, favorite movies, books, games, etc

Banner Advertising

  • Promotional material consists of two banner sizes 120×300 and 600×90
  • The image must not exceed? Amb 25 KB.
  • The material displayed in the blocks on the left and bottom of the screen.

Displaying a banner at the bottom of the screen is counted only if the user scrolls down the page to its location.

  • Left and bottom of this page, you can see examples of advertisements.

Audience: An active, loyal audience.  
Coverage: weekly audience exceeds 10 million people *. 
The number of registered users: 50 million (on 27.11.2009). 
Social Network № 1 in Russia in the number of users included in the TOP 3 in the number of visitors in RuNet **. 
And in Website? Web:  *  Unique users per week in Russia, age 12-54, the source TNS Gallup Media, Web-Index, May 2009. **  Mean than the Russian average for July 2008 according to TNS Gallup.



Pandora Media Inc. Chief Executive Officer Joe Kennedy said the streaming-radio service isn’t finding enough advertisers to buy all the space created by mobile-phone users, underscoring concerns about its ability to convert popularity into revenue.

“Pandora is one of the top five players in mobile, so we generate a lot of inventory and are ahead on where aggregate demand is for mobile advertising.”

The online-radio company, which held its initial public offering last month, is getting most of its growth from users of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Sixty percent of Pandora listening comes from the mobile market, up from just 12 percent two years ago, according to the company.

Pandora isn’t profitable, with losses of $92 million since 2000, the Oakland, California-based company said earlier this year.  (SIGH)

Pandora’s costs continue to grow because of higher licensing fees for the rights to music.

 Increasing mobile ad sales will be needed to help offset those expenses, said Rich Tullo, an analyst at Albert Fried & Co. in New York.

“They’re in a tight spot right now,” said Tullo, who recommends selling Pandora shares. “If your content costs are going to accelerate, then the management and monetization of your ad inventory is mission-critical in becoming a profitable company.”

IPO Rebound

When Pandora’s stock made its June 15 debut on the New York Stock Exchange, it joined a wave of Internet businesses going public this year. Pandora’s shares fell 55 cents, or 2.9 percent, to $18.21 at 10 a.m. on the New York Stock Exchange, and earlier dropped as much as 4.9 percent to $17.85. Before today, the stock had climbed 17 percent since the IPO.

Pandora generated $119.3 million last year from advertising, or 87 percent of its sales, and another $18.4 million from subscriptions to an ad-free version of the service and other revenue sources.

Brands such as Anheuser-Busch InBev NV’s Budweiser, Yum Brands Inc.’s Taco Bell and A&E Television Networks LLC’s History Channel have run ads targeting Pandora’s mobile users.

In all, marketers will spend $2.55 billion on mobile ads in 2014, according to New York-based research firm EMarketer Inc. That’s more than double the $1.1 billion in spending this year.

In the long run, Pandora stands to gain from advertiser interest in mobile.

Gradual Shift?

As advertising demand on the Internet keeps surging and the logical ad demand for the explosive mobile-device universe also dramatically increases, the supply-demand equation should consequently shift, long term in Pandora’s favor,” Boyle said in an e-mail.

While Pandora already competes with Sirius XM Radio Inc., a subscription-based satellite-radio service, it may face a bigger challenge from Apple Inc. (AAPL) and other established technology companies, which are investing in their own online-music offerings.

Startups such as San Diego-based Slacker Inc. and San Francisco-based Rdio Inc. also offer music through the Internet. CBS Corp.’s competes in the market as well.

Much of the growth from mobile advertising will come from small businesses looking to reach prospective customers when they’re nearby, said Rich Greenfield, an analyst at BTIG LLC in New York. Pandora has more experience selling ads to bigger brands and may not be equipped to reach those smaller, local businesses, he said.

Whether you chose to advertise with Pandora, or not – mobile marketing is an area you need to understand AND be able to use for your business.

Googlebots:How They Work:GOOGLE Thank You for Visiting

What is a Googlebot? A poltergeist??
Is it like the Easter Bunny?
Googlebot was a calling on appsnewbie and I hope GOOGLEBOT was amused….
Googlebot is Google’s web crawling bot (sometimes also called a “spider”). Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.

We use a huge ( JUST HOW BIG IS HUGE?) set of computers to fetch (or “crawl”) billions of pages on the web.
Googlebot uses an algorithmic process: computer programs determine which sites to crawl, how often, and how many pages to fetch from each site.

Googlebot’s crawl process begins with a list of webpage URLs, generated from previous crawl processes and augmented with Sitemap data provided by webmasters. As Googlebot visits each of these websites it detects links (SRC and HREF) on each page and adds them to its list of pages to crawl. New sites, changes to existing sites, and dead links are noted and used to update the Google index.
Now I know how Google found me…..
Welcome googlebot- y’all come back soon……

U.S. hit a record $26 billion in 2010, boosted by the popularity of online videos and social media.

A PricewaterhouseCoopers report commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau found that last year’s ad revenue grew 15 percent from 2009. The previous record was in 2008, when full-year revenue hit $23.4 billion.

The report, released Wednesday, said fourth-quarter advertising revenue also hit a record, at $7.4 billion. That’s up 19 percent from the fourth quarter of 2009. The previous record was in the third quarter of 2010, at $6.5 billion.

The most popular ad format was search, which represented 46 percent, or $12 billion, of the year’s total revenue.

Display-related ads accounted for 38 percent, or $9.9 billion, of 2010 ad revenue. That category includes banner ads, digital video ads and sponsorships.

The third-largest Internet ad category is classifieds, which accounted for $2.6 billion, or 10 percent of 2010 revenue.

PricewaterhouseCoopers partner David Silverman said more time spent online, fueled by the popularity of digital videos and social media, has helped fuel the ongoing advertising growth.

The report estimated 2010 mobile advertising revenue to be between $550 million and $650 million in the U.S. This is the first time it estimated mobile ad revenue.

Are you smarter than your smartphone??
YESS -claro—- but I just cannot READ that sucker ….
Now – if the hardware manufacturers will just make screens big enough for the over 40 set
to read- and keys that require less manual dexterity – you MIGHT have a REAL WINNER …..
Digital advertising will push local media advertising to double in five years’ time to some $42.5 billion. BIA/Kelsey says that means a 14.4% compounded growth rate every year until 2015. At the end of 2010, the media research company said local media was at $21.7 billion.

One major reason is digital advertising — which will represent 23.6% of all local advertising, or around $10 billion.

BIA/Kelsey says all this growth coincides with anticipated improvement in the U.S. economy, which includes a continued rise in overall local advertising. U.S. advertising will see a 2.1% compounded growth through the next five years, reaching $153.5 billion in 2015 — up from $136.3 billion at the end of last year.

Also, consumer marketing “deal-of-the-day” deals through social sites — Facebook and Twitter — will contribute to a rapid digital advertising rise, climbing to some $3.9 billion by 2015.

Tom Buono, chief executive officer, BIA/Kelsey, said: “Our analysis indicates that as advertisers move to online, mobile and particularly, the variants of social media, we are fast approaching a tipping point where digital media will soon become a dominant segment of the local advertising marketplace.”

Key areas of advertising movement are smartphones and tablets pulling in an increased share of traditional advertising dollars. Continued newspaper revenue erosion will push more print pay walls, while political and national ads in television and other media will propel industry dollars.

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