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European Audiovisual Observatory: The MISSION

European Audiovisual Observatory: FINANCES YOUR MEDIA PROJECT

Why am I posting this  for you?

Because this governmental entity actually has the money  to FINANCE your media endeavor; is this horrible financial clime- we need all the help we can get

your European

  • to create transparency in the European audiovisual sector
  • to provide information services for audiovisual experts

A Challenge for Europe

The audiovisual sector is one of the fastest growing areas of the European economy and a leading global market. The internationalisation and integration of what previously were mostly national media landscapes, boosted by rapid technical progress, mean that the audiovisual sector now stands out above other branches of the economy.

As well as huge potential, the dynamism, size and incredible diversity of the sector bring certain challenges for the players involved. One such challenge lies in people’s understanding of the audiovisual sector or of its component parts, over and above linguistic, cultural and national boundaries. Such an understanding depends on reliable, up-to-date information, the need for which has never been as great as it is today.

Transparency through Information

According to its Statute, “the aim of the European Audiovisual Observatory shall be to improve the transfer of information within the audiovisual industry, to promote a clearer view of the market and a greater transparency. In doing so, the Observatory shall pay particular attention to ensuring reliability, compatibility and comparability of information“.

The Observatory’s task is therefore clearly defined: to improve the transfer of and access to information. Achieving this means developing and providing information services in whichever formats audiovisual specialists need them most.

Fields of Activity and Responsibility

The Observatory has adopted a pragmatic definition of the audiovisual sector in which it works. Its principal areas of interest are:
Video/DVD and the expanding field of
New Media.

In these four sectors, the Observatory provides information services in the following fields:
- Market and Statistics,
- Law and
- Production and it’s Financing.

As far as its geographical scope is concerned, the Observatory monitors, records and analyses developments in its Member States.

In addition, if it seems sensible from a practical point of view, countries relevant to Europe are included.

Information Services and Target Groups

The various stages involved in providing information include the systematic collection, documentation and processing of information and data, together with its dissemination to users.

The services offered by the Observatory can be divided into five groups:
Print Publications,
- Online Publications,
Online Services,
Conferences and Workshops.

In addition, requests received by the Observatory are passed on to the relevant contact persons.

The Observatory’s primary target groups are audiovisual experts, including decision-makers in the various national ministries responsible for media, the relevant press officers of related public administrative

bodies, journalists, scientists, researchers, lawyers and advisers.

REALLY take time to read the services- I hope that it will help make your deam come true..


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