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“The target call” in Novosibirsk

Appsnewbie LIKES THIS – thank you YANDEX.RU.

From now on advertisers from Novosibirsk service is available “Target bell” . 

Now they can count how many calls come from customers who have come to PPC advertising on Yandex. 

Working with “Trust call” in conjunction with the statistics of orders on the website allows you to get a complete picture of how many clients come from advertising and Yandex.

Direct Yandex.Market, and thus more accurately estimate the cost-effectiveness. The advertiser may also use the reports on calls to establish business processes. For example, choose the best hours of the sales department.

Connection conditions and the work of “Trust calls” in Novosibirsk simple. 

To account for the calls to users with metrics Novosibirsk Phone (383) and an average monthly budget on advertising over the past three months, more than 6,000 rubles will be allocated a special number. He may only see the visitors, who came out on the ads and Yandex.Direct Yandex.Market. Call statistics can be viewed in reports metrics.

We plan to soon offer the service “Task Call” and other regional advertisers. 

So there




The 3D Analysis Software for Scientific and Industrial data

Avizo® software is a powerful, multifaceted tool for visualizing, manipulating, and understanding scientific and industrial data.


Avizo :3D Analysis Software: MAYBE

More software – see if it works for you- for your business or your life – its your it worth the money to you?

Wherever three-dimensional data sets need to be processed, in materials science, geosciences, environmental or engineering applications, Avizo offers abundant state-of-the-art features within an intuitive workflow and easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Avizo 6 is packaged in different Editions, with optional eXtension modules. Each Avizo Edition delivers tailored user interface and specific feature-set for each application area.



Wasp Barcode Technologies

 Launches Free QR Code Generatornt.


“Wasp Barcode is committed to the success of SMBs and we felt it was important to equip SMBs with the same capabilities as larger companies,” said Tom O’Shea, general manager of Wasp Barcode Technologies. “QR codes play an integral role in marketing products and services in today’s market. With our free QR code generator, SMBs have yet another tool at their disposal to reach customers in this ever-changing economic environment.”

To learn more about the five ways SMBs can use QR codes to increase web traffic and business, please visit The Buzz, a small business blog by Wasp Barcode. To create a free QR code, visit:  

To learn more about Wasp Barcode Technologies, visit or call 866.547.9277

About Wasp Barcode Technologies

Wasp Barcode Technologies provides data capture and tracking solutions designed specifically for small business.

Products includeinventory controlasset trackingtime and attendancebarcode scannersbarcode printers, and point of sale (POS) solutions. Wasp products help small business owners manage their companies more efficiently with improved productivity and profitability. Learn more at or call 866-547-WASP (9277). ..




As of  8/1/2011, Florida’s THOUSANDS of jobless will have to  go online to file their claims and get benefits.

Now, how well this is going to work with a 37 year old – pieced and patched computer system is yet to be seen.

As of now 40% of the unemployed Floridians were not going online, that Granny of Computers is going to be stretched to capacity. Using all her power in the warp shields for sure,  Scotty.


Before this, there was a call in  800 number people could use to claim benefits,, but the Florida state estimates they can save over $4Million a year by people just going online to file. Ego – bye to the phone lines.


It has always been my feeling that in our highly technical world  – not having computer  skills puts you where a jobseeker  was in 1950 who could neither read nor write- as a functional illiterate. Unemployable and sadly – culturally deprived.


As necessity is the Mother of invention, these claimants will go the workforce centers and  get help in getting online And their embryonic computer skills will grow .

In fairness- some of them DO know how to file how to use the internet  – but they have no money for a computer- or the cheap machine they had broke and they had no repair money  or they are now homeless and really have no money for internet access.

Many are in the 50 plus age range- still looking for work – no 401K, no pemsion- no savings ;

They are invisible to the emplyers due to age or lack of updated skills.

OR he is 67 – an MBA ,a former senior executive  with superb credentails and a work ethic of pure gold.

He is willing to work in your call center or loading dock for  $ 10 an hour; you will not hire him – he will not “fit in”.

He has ONE and only one option- to work a straight commission job- if he just had the gas money.And

Where are the billions of tech profit that was to be used to help us make  all Tech Literatesand Appsnewbies??

Remember- we are still One Nation Under Bailout.



Long Distance Rates History: AT&T to INTERNET to VOIP

The first transatlantic long distance call from New York to London by AT&T in 1927 cost $75 for just three minutes. Somebody better have invaded a small principality or died…or both…

“OMG- they are calling long distance- what happened ??”
By 1934, however, AT&T’s transpacific cost for three minutes between the U.S. and Japan via radio only cost $39! no wonder that the average person was TERRFIED when they received a long distance call.

You only called – literally -when it was Life or Death. as the mantra of the time.Long distance rates and service for domestic and international calls were expensive.

You made a list of what you planed to say when you called someone.

And make it snappy at these prices.If you earned $5.00 a day you were doing “well’.

With VoIP (Internet calling) today, the cost for the same calls are only 2-3 cents. Cell international long distance has also dropped a lot and most national plans include free long distance within the United States.

What caused the drop? Why are calls so cheap on land lines and mobile for domestic and international long distance?

Due to coax cable introduced in 1941 for domestic calling, the transistor in 1947, undersea cabling, computerization, fiber optic cables, digital switches and especially the Internet, international calling gradually became less costly over the years.

For instance, it only cost $12 in 1956 to make a three minute call because many calls were carried on the same cable saving money. But this was still expensive.

Direct dialing, introduced in 1951, allowed people to make long distance calls without an operator.

But it took until the late 1950′s until most United States  callers had direct dialing.
Local mobile calling started in 1946 but callers had to wait until 1983 for the first cellular service to launch in Chicago, just one year before the breakup of “Ma Bell” into the “Baby Bells” or RBOC’s (Regional Bell Operating Companies).

In 1984, AT&T lowered long distance rates 6.4% and a whopping 40% during the next six years, as further break-ups, mergers and computerization helped lower the cost of transmitting voice over greater distances.
Long distance charges continued dropping over the years, as companies, such as  competed with Pacific Telephone, NYNEX and the other baby bells.

In the 1980′s  became the price leader in both land lines and cell phones before it began losing customers to other carriers in the U.S.
Today wireless carriers offer international plans for mobile users who call designated countries.

But check with your carrier first if you plan to place calls from the U.S. to another country or call back into the States.

Sprint, for example, doesn’t offer a discount plan to Mexico and charges a flat rate of over $1.50 per minute.
Both AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile offer overseas calling plans. But BEWARE the rates sometimes differ ALOT.

To call Mexico from the U.S. on  without a pre-paid plan, for instance, costs 49 cents a minute. With a plan, it’s only 25 cents, a significant savings.

In any case, rejoice that both wired and wireless long distance charges have dropped, and you’re no longer paying $75 for a 3 minute phone call.

Mobile telephone service,whether for local or long distance,isn’t cheap, but if you shop around and choose the right plan, you’ll save a bundle.

But it is not only the technical updated aspects of service that have made for cheaper telephone calls.

YOU are a walking sales opportunity for the carriers.

Carriers are now banking on the possibility that they can MONETIZE ( netspeak for selling you tech junk you do not need) your phone calls.

The business plan is that they will make money on the minutes you use or on merchandise they have convinced you that you need…..LOL- wily devils..

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