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When Patricia, one of the family, asked this great question, I just had to respond.
Thank you Patricia for bringing up such an interesting subject.

Has any APPNEWBIE  reader  any functioning experience while using any conditioning computer software from

10 BuckFitness?

 My new private coach swears by these wokouts and he and his son have similarly long gone from simply fire hydrants to tri-atheletes from the last twelve june thru september or so.

 I’m in lookup of the very good lifting computer software for bodybuilding, For only 10 bucks- i am considering, but would be thankful for any encounters instead much. Thanks!

Dear Patricia,
Lets find out…RE: 10 BUCK FITNESS

If you will be getting your moneys worth.
Love to see what I can find out .

Really- APPSNEWBIE has been a lifter for a while-(as in years )…
I went to the 10 BUCK FITNESS site, and what I saw for a $10 expenditure are printed reports, that are 1950s vintage exercise decriptions.Let us assume that $10 is your expressed budget.

The 10 Buck Fitness Site report recommendations are pretty standard stuff; the bodybuilding/exercise information guidelines that have been around since the old IRON MAN of Alliance Nebtaska, Reg Park, Peary Rader,Strength & Health and Paul Anderson magazine days.
This appears to be an affiliate site with alot of reseller merchadise. Average to high price.
Anybody who needs data that is this basic; my advice- save your $10; get a library book or cd.
My advice is save your $10 – you can get all of this for free.


What a story and what an astounding and successful journey.
In previous posts in my APPSNEWBIES blog, there are photos and information about my teaching International Business at the Episcopal University in Port au Prince Haiti just before the devastating earthquake. My trip was sponsored and supported by the generosity of FAVACA ( FAVACA.ORG) an educational and governmental arm of the Florida Attorneys General’s Office.

One of my most enthusiastic, intelligent and ambitious
students was a gentleman named Roosevelt Gabriel Jean, who demonstrated a never faltering, burning desire to become an entrepreneur.

I returned to the United States , but Roosevelt and I continued to keep in touch buy email, and he informed me about his garment /T_SHIRT /PRINTING company.
He has a GREAT line Of uniform hospital , novelty ware and T-Shirts.
I was so IMPRESSED with his success. To start a business ANYWHERE is hard- but he grew a successful business in HAITI and survived the earthquake. You are a Hero..

When I wanted to create a clothing line for APPSNEWBIE, I asked Roosevelt if he would be interested in creating:
Which has hats- T-SHIRTS, and wearables ; cell phone and device covers-
He was delighted and now APPNEWBIE has A QR CODE T-SHIRT.
SUPPORT HAITI and please contact Roosevelt for a quote on your printing and wearable needs.
#51, Delmas 5
Port-au-Prince Haiti 3784-3297/ 3580/1214

I am really going to be watiching the 3G VS 4G phone battle.

They ALWAYS want the old upsell… sigh
The news.. AT&T said  that it intends to buy much smaller rival T-Mobile for $39 billion in stock and cash — will this be good or bad for owners of Apple’s iPhone or the smartphones in Google’s Android army?
(APPSNEWBIE says she  HIGHLY doubts good is going to be an operative choice…)

AT&T, for its part, said the deal would help it move faster to establish a nationwide 4G network that would provide higher-speed service to 95 percent of U.S. wireless customers.

( ON my OLD phone?????- LOL)

“During the past few years, America’s high-tech industry has delivered innovation at unprecedented speed, and this combination will accelerate its continued growth,” AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said in a news release announcing the deal.

In the near future, “it means improved service across the U.S. as a result of additional spectrum, towers and broader network infrastructure,” the wireless carrier noted in an FAQ posted on its website. “We expect capacity increases of approximately 30 percent in some densely populated areas.”

However, according to an Associated Press report, the upgrades mean

T-Mobile customers eventually will need to replace their 3G phones.

“The combined entity’s greater customer reach (130 million subscribers) and purchasing power could enable a more balanced market share for multiple ecosystems and make it less likely the U.S. evolves into a two-ecosystem-only market (Android/iOS),” Patel noted. “We noted. “We
view this as positive for the No. 3 and 4 ecosystems, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.”

AT&T will want to offer BlackBerry phones as “a counterweight to Apple/Google” and could push manufacturers to develop lower-cost Android phones.

Integration challenge: At least one analyst, though, believes combining T-Mobile into its network could be a huge challenge for AT&T. “That’s probably the most ambitious piece of this,” Stanford C. Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett told Bloomberg News. “That network is already struggling and has been ever since they landed the iPhone, so that network isn’t ready to dump a bunch of T-Mobile customers onto it.”

AT&T, you probably recall, was the exclusive iPhone carrier when Apple launched the device in 2007. Demand for data downloads overwhelmed AT&T’s network, particularly in congested urban areas such as San Francisco and New York. Just last month, AT&T rival Verizon Wireless started selling an iPhone designed for its network.

Fewer competitors: And, as Good Morning Silicon Valley’s Levi Sumagaysay noted today, the deal would reduce the number of national wireless carriers to three: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Nextel.

For that reason, observers are expecting significant scrutiny of the deal by federal antitrust regulators. The House Judiciary Committee today said it will also examine the proposed merger and its effect on consumers.

AT&T, though, is arguing that cellphone customers have enjoyed lower prices even as the wireless industry has consolidated.

We will see….

Amazon has launched what it hopes will be the Android equivalent of Apple’s App Store.

The company aims to improve the shopping experience offered by Google’s Android Market, currently the go-to store for more than 200,000 Android apps. (For comparison, Amazon’s new store has 3,800 applications, and Apple’s App Store has more than 300,000.)

One of its most innovative features is “Test Drive,” which allows users to test apps in a simulated Android phone on their desktops before committing to a purchase. Shoppers can also peruse personalized recommendations, customer reviews and set up one-click payment options, just as they can with any other Amazon’s stores for ebooks and music.

As an incentive to visit the new Appstore, Amazon is offering users a free download of Angry Birds Rio, which debuted on Android Tuesday morning. Amazon plans to continue offering a different paid app for free every day.

Interested parties can access the Appstore at, via the mobile browsers on their Android phones and tablets, and through the Amazon Appstore application. Purchases made in the Appstore can be used on a purchaser’s entire range of Android devices.

Apple filed a lawsuit against Amazon for trademark infringement and unfair competition for using the term “App Store” on Friday


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The term jailbreaking is used when applied to iPhones and iPads, anad refers to a hack that gains
access to previously forbidden areas of the
device to install certain programs or unlock it
for use with different cellular networks. Most
people jailbreak their devices to change icons
or wallpapers or to enable certain short-cuts
that were previously restricted. Put simply, it is
the process of gaining control of your i-device
at the root level so you can make changes

to every element of the code and operating
system if you wish.
The main reasons for jailbreaking are to add to
the functionality of the device you are using.
Because Apple controls both the hardware
and software in all of their products they
often create boundaries that people want to
overcome. A good example of this is just the
ability to change the way the icons on your
home screen look. Apple keeps the ability
to do this locked away inside the software,
preventing users form fully customizing the
device. One of their arguments would be that
third-party code changing the way apps look
could be malicious and access to those file
systems could result in a loss of functionality.
To some, not having the option to do this on a
device they own is a little too presumptuous
and they would like to take the risk. Those
people can use a jailbreak exploit and then
download app icons and install them as and
when they like. The jailbreaking movement is pretty fluid and
exploits have ranged from GUI applications you
install on your home computers, to websites
that let you download the required code. At
the moment there is no workable jailbreak for
the latest software. All jailbreak development is
gearing towards the release of software version
4.2 because this represents a revision that will
see the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch match up
in terms of functionality (currently the iPad is
behind the times). Once this is made public a
jailbreak will soon follow – no doubt available in a
new, novel way.
The pros are the ability to add vast new
features to your i-device. It’s interesting
because the features that have appeared
through jailbreaking have pretty much all
ended up coming to the official software.
Folders, multitasking, home screen
backgrounds and Cut & Paste are a few of
them. I personally have jailbroken for shortcuts
to my settings using SBSettings app, for Lock
screen information using Locklnfo app and se
I can fully customise my iPhone. I understand
the risks involved but I always do my rssearc.
on the jailbreak apps I install to make sure
they come from reputable developers and
that they have been used successfully and
safely in the jailbreak community
Will jailbreaking
my iPhone affect
my warranty?
Yes. If you take a jail broken device into an
Apple Store you will be refused your warranty.
There is, however no harm in restoring your
device back to its factory settings before
turning it in for repair – if you can. Ultimately,
if you have any doubts about jail breaking your
phone then it is probably best to avoid the
procedure and enjoy your iPhone or iPad as it
was originally intended.

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