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To tablet or not to tablet – that is the question.
I call it a ‘handtop” – versus a laptop -
Do you need it? Or do you just LUST after the newest -fastest tech toy?
That being said, there is nothing wrong with that consumer spirit Buckwheat-
you keep the wheels of commerce spinning.Go ye and spend.
Is it cost effective is the tablet for you? Now -or in the near future?
Let me know what you think.
A Tablet PC is portable computer whose primary input device is touch screen. Period.

Other characteristics are their tablet emulted size, wireless connection to Internet and local area networks. They are powered by variety of operating systems. Some are proprietary ones like Apple iPad; iOS others include windows 7, windows Vista and Android systems.

A project that started in Apple laboratories in 1989 resulted in first tablet pc named Newton launched on market in 1993. Revolutionary idea and product were way ahead its time and Newton sank into history almost unperceived. Next major step was introduction of special Microsoft XP windows OS named Windows XP Tablet PC edition in 2001. This edition incorporated support for pen-sensitive screen and handwriting. Microsoft’s contribution is also the name “Tablet PC” as this was the first time it was used. Various attempts from different companies were made since then. But final breakthrough came again from part of Apple in form of iPad in 2010. Comparison of tablet PC computers in 2011 shows that iPad has the biggest share and it is expected that it will hold it’s position with iPad2 launched on March 11, 2011.

It is estimated that tablet pc share will grow and soon surpass a popular netbooks. Forrester Research is predicting that over 20 millions of units will be sold in 2005. This means more then 40% growth per year and thus most rapidly growing market among personal computers devices.

Forms of tablet pc
We can find different types of tablet PCs on the market. Tablet pc comparison can be done according to their form. These are standard forms of tablet computers:

Slate tablet pc -
A classical tablet pc form of pad with one touch screen and without keyboard. ( Think Ceasar Augustus…)
Convertible tablet pc -
Basically a notebook with touch screen capability. They come in form of base and a screen that can be rotated around swivel for 180 degrees.
Hybrid tablet pc -
Convertible tablets with detachable keyboard
Booklets -
A dual screen tablets that can be folded like a book.
Rugged tablet pc -
Tablet pc resistant and adapted to hard atmospherically conditions. Used as a platform for using pc on terrain.

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This is CUTTING edge TECHNOLOGY BUT is it right for you???

Dear Readers,

PUHLEEZE  please remember the ecommerce world will wait on the corner – to pace itself with your ablity to spend.

If you can afford it- they will create it. Just ruminating

The “Nexus S” won’t change how people buy a phone, but it could someday change  the way people buy things-by using our  smartphones as a credit card.

The Nexus S will be available either “unlocked” or with a two-year contract from T-Mobile.

The Nexus S is built by Samsung and is available at www.Best

But as it rolls out the latest version of its fast-growing Android operating system, which could soon allow Nexus S owners to pay for something by touching their smartphone on a checkout line sensor, Google wants to transform what people do with phones — and  DUH—opening potential revenue streams.

When Google unveiled the Nexus One in January, Android had a paltry 7 percent of the U.S. market share, a distant third to Research In Motion’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone.

Now Android claims a 23.5 percent share, nearly even with Apple’s iOS and rapidly narrowing the gap with RIM, according to comScore.
While Google’s bid to sell the Nexus One ________________________________________

online was a bust, Google executives like Android chief Andy Rubin have called the Nexus One a success because its powerful features drove smartphone technology forward.
Google has continued to churn out new versions of Android — the new version on the Nexus S is dubbed “Gingerbread” — a step that observers say was necessary as Google hurried to match the iPhone. “They kind of had to work this quickly if they wanted this to be successful, because the first versions of Android were terrible,” said Avi Greengart of Current Analysis.
“They are still in catch-up mode with Apple,” said analyst Ken Dulaney of Gartner, “but they are getting there.” One of Android’s growing pains is what software developers call “fragmentation,” where an app that runs fine on one version may not work on early versions of the operating system. ( BUMMER)..

People  have recently complained about the difficultly of producing apps that run well across the other four versions of Android, and on the more than 100 Android devices released since the first phone in November 2008.

 Now that Android has gained so much momentum, Google is expected to slow the pace of releases, allowing its partners to catch up.
Whether NFC technology — short-range wireless technology that can be embedded in objects like movie posters, stickers and T-shirts — turns credit cards into dinosaurs remains to be seen. Initially, the NFC chips in the Nexus S will only gather information rather than export it, as would be necessary to allow a consumer to purchase. A user could walk up to a movie poster with an embedded NFC tag, touch their phone to the poster, and see a movie trailer pop up on their phone, for example.
Down the road, Google could make software changes to allow NFC to be used to make purchases. While NFC technology in the past has failed to attract enough retailers to offer it, the proliferation of smartphones and Android’s popularity could change that, experts said.

 If so, Google “can monetize that,” Stofega said. “If Google keeps going the way it’s going, distributing Android over a growing plethora of devices, that makes it an even more important force.”

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