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Ok- Corporate Foundation Developers – ( ‘scuse me  the write off area) guys- let’s see you step up to the plate.


Remember us -the AMERICAN working man and woman.

We made you FAR richer than Croesus.

American Corporations -put your resources to work; you can if you want to. We know that.

We need you now. YESTERDAY.





AGING OUT out in the world of  orphaned children , means you spent so long in the welfare system- you

ceased to be adoptable.

The children became too old too fast  and lost thier “love appeal”.

In the worst job market since FDR, if you are over 55, you have AGED OUT of the job market.

You are a hiring pariah0- except- MAYBE for a Walmart greeter-

FAAWGET that you created – managed and RE CREATED whole divisions…You are AGED OUT

You are NO LONGER ADOPTABLE by any hiring manager.You became too old – too fast

Do you watch  THE OFFICE  tv series and  long for a the long forgotten security of a cublcle ?

Long for an office to go to every day?

Your MBA- your peerless personal qualities- your 30 years of industry experince

make you qualify  for Food Stamps , Section 8 Housing and dwindling Unemployment  Benefit checks.

Since the economic collapse, there are not enough jobs being created for the population as a whole,

FAR  less for those in the twilight of their careers. The jobseeker over age 55.

The name is legion. It is in the millions.

Of the 14.9 million unemployed, more than 2.2 million are 55 or older.

Nearly half of them have been unemployed six months or longer, according to the Labor Department. It is PROBABLY much higher – but how much bad nesw do they want to give us?

The unemployment rate in the group — 17.3 percent — is at a record, more than double what it was at the beginning of the latest recession.

After other recent downturns, older people who lost jobs fretted about how long it would take to return to the work force and worried that they might never recover their former incomes.

Because it will take years to absorb the giant pool of unemployed at the economy’s recent pace, many of these older people may simply age out of the labor force before their luck changes.

Older workers who lose their jobs could pose a policy problem if they lose their ability to be self-sufficient. “That’s what we should be worrying about,” said Carl E. Van Horn, professor of public policy and director of the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development atRutgers University, “what it means to this class of the new unemployables, people who have been cast adrift at a very vulnerable part of their career and their life.”

Forced early retirement and layoffs impose an intense financial strain, a devastation ,particularly for those who were  lower income earners.

At the bet of times – they carefully  lived paycheck to paycheck.Struggled- but scraped by-.on luck – hope and sheer guts.

The lower income group have always  gambled that  the old  tires on their car would hold up  so they could get to work -that  the tooth would not maybe hurt so much-  and  HOPE a drugstore tooth medicationwould work, and the baby maybe will be better  if they just use an aspirin.

They really have had no alternative but to spend using the methodology of financial  triage.

The never had the real earning capacity to save for a 401K savings plan -a retirement. But they got by.

IF they kept the job – IF they stayed healthy ENOUGH – the minimums were paid- damn the interest

financial solvency in this group is  paying the  minimum.



They  put  applications  on the Internet, FAX and do the best they can.

But even for the perpetual upbet souls it is HARD.

The long term unemployed – they  do not have the money for internet connections - Smartphone  – or deposits


The Library 0h- yes- but many websites sites are blocked, and  there is a line and a time limit to use the computer.

AND your resume and cover letter have to be in a format accepted  by an oft outdated computer and software.





 Florida’s THOUSANDS of jobless will have to  go online to file their claims and get benefits. No more humans..

Now, how well this is going to work with a 37 year old – pieced and patched computer system is yet to be seen.

As of now 40% of the unemployed Floridians were not going online, that Granny of Computers is going to be stretched to capacity. Using all her power in the warp shields for sure,  Scotty.


Before this, there was a call in  800 number people could use to claim benefits, but the Florida state estimates they can save over $4Million a year by people just going online to file. Ego – bye to the phone lines.


It has always been my feeling that in our highly technical world, not having computer  skills puts you where a jobseeker  was in 1950 who could neither read nor write- as a functional illiterate.

Unemployable and sadly – probably homeless and perpetually poor. 

As necessity is the Mother of invention, these unemployment benefit claimants will go the workforce centers and  get help in getting online And their embryonic computer skills will grow .FAST.

In fairness- some of them DO know how to file how to use the internet  – but they have no money for a computer- or the cheap machine they had broke and they had no repair money  or they are now homeless and really have no money for internet access.

Many are in the 50 plus age range- still looking for work – no 401K, no pemsion- no savings ;

They are invisible to the emplyers due to age or lack of updated skills.

OR he is age 67 – an MBA , a former senior executive  with superb credentails and a work ethic of pure gold.

He is willing to work in your call center or loading dock for  $ 10 an hour; but you will not hire him – he will not “fit in”. He is “overqualified”.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN..LIKE ” I’LL CALL YOU ” after a date with a 200 pound bucktoothed beaver ?

That aged 60 something MBA has ONE and only one option- to work a straight commission job- if he just had the gas money.And the old car will run..sigh.

Where are the billions of tech profit that was to be used to help us make  all Tech Literatesand Appsnewbies??

Remember- we are still One Nation Under Bailout.



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We are now paying over $4 a gallon for gasoline for the 99ers – for the unemployed this is a disaster. MILLIONS of desperate unemployed people are trying to job hunt in old cars -pieced togetehr with used parts – bald tires -fumes -spit and hope- that there is enough gas to get to the interview.
The long term unemployed have long since stopped making salary negotiations when a position is offered. Your MBA – the 25 years of management and computer experience – it gets you a $12.00 an hour offer (They say it is the high end with your
graduate degree). You say ” I’ll take it.” With a big smile.Pride is a long used up luxury.
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