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Poor Sam, of the fat fingers, and his heavy touch and his ongoing saga of Smartphone SAMSUNG GRAVITY challenges.

He still hates the touch screen on his Smartphone and the MINUTE  his  T- Mobile contract is over, like a BULLET  he

will turn that SAMSUNG GRAVITY in for a clam shell, and

will be going back to his clamshell – IF he can find one.

The CLAM SHELL  is now the old fashioned CORDED PHONE OF CELLPHONES – lol.

Seriously, though boys and girls, when touch screen phones  were engineered and created

with monetization in mind, of course, the aspect of comfortable and CONVENIENT physiological usage

by those of us who have more than 40 candles on our birthday cake was NOT in the mix. SURPRISE SURPRISE..

Where does that leaves the Fat Finger Sams of the world ? With a JITTERBUG ??

Actually- he will wisely choose a phone to fill HIS needs.

Not a phone  that was made to enable marketers to monetize ( translation- turn BIG BUCKS  at your expense to pay for the hype) that is for sure…

What does Sam of the Fat Fingers WANT a phone to do for him ?

Sam wants  phone to RING and - he wants to be able to open it ,

or push a button and say Hello- and not go sliding his fingers all over to get a connection and  say HELLO.

No dropped connection, please and when he is through talking- say GOODBYE and close that puppy.Period.

Sam of the Fat Fingers  does NOT want to text, scan ,shop or surf the internet on a relatively slow, comparatively teeny screen.

Sam of the Fat Fingers already has  state of the art desktops and laptops that perform  FAR better  than ANY mobile 3G or4G.

BUT – oh whimper – the cell phone manufacturers cannot make ENOUGH  MONEY from someone who only says hello and good buy- and does not buy their junk- (sorry guys.. but in this economy we try to get what we NEED not a time waster.)

The cell phone marketers want you to buy stuff- that is what your phone is for- YOUR desire to talk is just a necessary evil

They want you to SHOP- Not talk…

Just one example:  RINGTONE SUBSCRIPTIONS for $4.99 per month, which you do not need , ( multiply THAT by a few million users   when the COSTS to the cell phone provider is pennies -what a profit margin. )

SEE? Wouldn’t YOU want to sell Smartphones and not clamshells or corded phones – albeit with superb sound transmission?








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