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No Tirekickers Please

Clickthrough rate, or CTR, is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign on your website or blog.

 A CTR is obtained by this FORMULA:

Dividing the “number of users who clicked on an ad” on a web page by the “number of times the ad was delivered” (impressions). That is your Click through rate.

For example, if a banner ad was delivered 100 times (impressions delivered) and 1 person clicked on it (clicks recorded), then the resulting CTR would be 1 percent. ( Sigh)

Banner ad click-through rates have fallen on disfavor a bit over time. When they first started, it was not uncommon to have rates above five percent.

They have fallen and now average  closer to 0.2 or 0.3 percent.[1]

In most cases, a 2% click-through rate would be considered very successful, though the exact number is hotly debated and could  vary. The average click-through rate of 3% in the 1990s, declined to 0.28% by 2003.[2]

Since advertisers pay more for a high click-through rate, getting many click-throughs with few purchases, is undesirable to advertisers. (Just lookers- no buyers.These are  a lot of tire kickers, basically.)

Celebrity /Personalized ads, unusual formats, and more obtrusive ads typically have higher click-through rates than standard banner ads, however overly intrusive ads are often avoided by viewers.

CTR is most commonly defined as “number of clicks” divided by “number of impressions” and generally not in terms of the “number of persons” who clicked divided by the “number of impressions”. This is an important distinction.

 As a person clicks a single advertisement multiple times, the CTR increases using the former definition, whereas the CTR doesn’t change using the latter definition.

Still maybe just a tire kicker.

Monetize and – Monetize those Clicks your site receives 

is a vistor to your site – measure them accurately-

good and bad..



TV Prices Drop..AGAIN ..Plasma  42″ for $398 advertised at

Hey Newbie Pals-

Again- my crystal ball is clear


WOW a 42″ Plasma  TV 720P – (albeit NON-3D) for $389.88

No Buckwheat, the prices are not  falling  ’cause the manufacturers love you-

it is because the standard  TV viewing public is shrinking …

and they plan for at LEAST 5 years out—–

Just observing the quite decline of the traditional  TV viewer

Poor NEWBIE – I’ve got to stop obsessing over the free FALLING flatscreen TV prices.
it never ceases to amaze me that technology has such steep peaks and LOW valleys.
Famiiy anecdote; my cousin bought one of the very first VCRs- here it is:

Late-1970s Panasonic NV-9300 U-Matic VCR 3/4″ Tape
Size: 27″ Long x 9″ high x 20″ deep
Weight: “A Ton”
Cost New: $5,000
My cousin had “connections ” and got a VCR  for about $2500; a very princely sum for “entertainment “‘ at the time. Still is a substantial investment. Of course, you almost needed to be an MIT graduate to make the %$##?** thing work, he said.
His wife was scared of it, so she never could figure out how to record anything, however, she finally managed to learn howto play tapes. God forbid she would break it. They had called the “help line” and “home troubleshooter” 50 times.The  real truth  was that the VCR was too complicated for them – and 80% of the American public.
A decade later, when they were redecorating, my cousin  offered the prized VCR to his secretary for $100.00
She said she would ‘think” about it- and speak to her husband.

 A week later she was still thinking, and did not mention the VCR. My cousin said what about $50.00 as a price. Another  week later- no mention of the reduced price  $ 50 .00VCR- by the by -the VCR did have a very lovely buffet type mahogany cabinet. Part of my cousin’s sales pitch.(Also weighed an additional ton).

No mention again – so my cousin offered- ” How about if I just GIVE you this lovely cabinet VCR for free? You and your husband can just pick it up at my house .” Such a deal.

 Again, she would speak to her husband about picking it up.No mention again a few days later ( my cousin is now desperate- as  the Goodwill Thrift shop, the Salvation Army and Disabled American vets used furniture have all turned him down)-so my cousin called his secretary in the evening and said “How about if I just bring the VCR over I will deliver it and set it up for you? It’s absolutely beautiful.”
She hemmed and hawed- and said – ” Um- ah- well -I really don’t think so- it will not fit my decor”
: I”m not taking that cumbersome -outmoded dog for all the tea in China

Is this the flatscreen fate? When we all make like Dick Tracy, and have wrist attached TV/iphone/FAX/COPY “thingies”?
Anyway- till then-
OMG-BRANDSMART USA has a 60 ” MITSUBISHI 3D 1080 DLPHDTV for $798 - I can hardly belive it.
When the price freefall stop?? I am looking for some more January sales.
Oh MITSUBISHI Where is my crystal tv ball??

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