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Mobile Apps for Newbies:THE COOKBOOK : THE BASICS


This is the guide that will get you into the  Mobile Apps when you are a NEWBIE and basically have

a very beginning level of computer skills.

Monetize and enjoy…




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Dear Newbies,

As you know,  my Appsnewbie blog has  been product free forever.

This was deliberate on my part.

I had not found any products I felt  was worthy of your consideration.

After looking at 1000s ( literally) of products that I would not be ashamed to offer you,

I finally found  I finally found  MOBILE MARKETING 4 NEWBIES.

Please click on  the new purple book graphic that will REALLY

tell you how to make your business mobile ready.

It is predicted that by 2015  mobile marketing  consumers are expected to be spending a $115 BILLION  a year.

If you are a   serious internet marketer or supplier, you MUST have a mobile presence to compete in this highly competitive world.

If you are not on the mobile market- you are NOT  marketing.. Sorry.

Enjoy and succeed.




What a story and what an astounding and successful journey.
In previous posts in my APPSNEWBIES blog, there are photos and information about my teaching International Business at the Episcopal University in Port au Prince Haiti just before the devastating earthquake. My trip was sponsored and supported by the generosity of FAVACA ( FAVACA.ORG) an educational and governmental arm of the Florida Attorneys General’s Office.

One of my most enthusiastic, intelligent and ambitious
students was a gentleman named Roosevelt Gabriel Jean, who demonstrated a never faltering, burning desire to become an entrepreneur.

I returned to the United States , but Roosevelt and I continued to keep in touch buy email, and he informed me about his garment /T_SHIRT /PRINTING company.
He has a GREAT line Of uniform hospital , novelty ware and T-Shirts.
I was so IMPRESSED with his success. To start a business ANYWHERE is hard- but he grew a successful business in HAITI and survived the earthquake. You are a Hero..

When I wanted to create a clothing line for APPSNEWBIE, I asked Roosevelt if he would be interested in creating:
Which has hats- T-SHIRTS, and wearables ; cell phone and device covers-
He was delighted and now APPNEWBIE has A QR CODE T-SHIRT.
SUPPORT HAITI and please contact Roosevelt for a quote on your printing and wearable needs.
#51, Delmas 5
Port-au-Prince Haiti 3784-3297/ 3580/1214


Appsnewbie Monetize your Windows Phone 7 Apps

Download the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 for mobile applications using the XNA Framework or Silverlight before registering your Apps on pubCenter, Microsoft Advertising’s solution for Windows Phone 7 Publishers and App Developers 
Download the Microsoft Mobile Advertising SDK  Make More Money
Introducing Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile, the industry’s first real-time, bidded ad exchange in mobile – leverage superior ad targeting, multiple purchase models and leading resellers including Microsoft’s sales force and large-scale Microsoft Advertising adCenter marketplace.
Quick and Hassle Free 
Microsoft’s simple Ad Control, self-serve developer sign-up, reporting and automated payout ensures a seamless ad monetization experience for developers. The Ad Control SDK supports the XNA framework or Silverlight.
See What’s Working 
Actionable reporting helps developers optimize for best user experience and advertising yield. 


Get started in three easy steps

Download the SDK  Download the Ad Control SDK. Download the Ad SDK to build your app and run ads in test mode that requires no on-boarding to try out the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7.
Sign Up for pubCenter Mobile  Register your mobile apps on pubCenterSign up andand register your Windows Phone apps using Microsoft Advertising’s solution for Windows Phone 7 publishers and app developers.
Implement and Submit  Implement and Submit. Set the Application Id and Ad Unit Id properties in the Ad Control and submit your ad-enabled app to the Windows Phone marketplace.

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The term jailbreaking is used when applied to iPhones and iPads, anad refers to a hack that gains
access to previously forbidden areas of the
device to install certain programs or unlock it
for use with different cellular networks. Most
people jailbreak their devices to change icons
or wallpapers or to enable certain short-cuts
that were previously restricted. Put simply, it is
the process of gaining control of your i-device
at the root level so you can make changes

to every element of the code and operating
system if you wish.
The main reasons for jailbreaking are to add to
the functionality of the device you are using.
Because Apple controls both the hardware
and software in all of their products they
often create boundaries that people want to
overcome. A good example of this is just the
ability to change the way the icons on your
home screen look. Apple keeps the ability
to do this locked away inside the software,
preventing users form fully customizing the
device. One of their arguments would be that
third-party code changing the way apps look
could be malicious and access to those file
systems could result in a loss of functionality.
To some, not having the option to do this on a
device they own is a little too presumptuous
and they would like to take the risk. Those
people can use a jailbreak exploit and then
download app icons and install them as and
when they like. The jailbreaking movement is pretty fluid and
exploits have ranged from GUI applications you
install on your home computers, to websites
that let you download the required code. At
the moment there is no workable jailbreak for
the latest software. All jailbreak development is
gearing towards the release of software version
4.2 because this represents a revision that will
see the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch match up
in terms of functionality (currently the iPad is
behind the times). Once this is made public a
jailbreak will soon follow – no doubt available in a
new, novel way.
The pros are the ability to add vast new
features to your i-device. It’s interesting
because the features that have appeared
through jailbreaking have pretty much all
ended up coming to the official software.
Folders, multitasking, home screen
backgrounds and Cut & Paste are a few of
them. I personally have jailbroken for shortcuts
to my settings using SBSettings app, for Lock
screen information using Locklnfo app and se
I can fully customise my iPhone. I understand
the risks involved but I always do my rssearc.
on the jailbreak apps I install to make sure
they come from reputable developers and
that they have been used successfully and
safely in the jailbreak community
Will jailbreaking
my iPhone affect
my warranty?
Yes. If you take a jail broken device into an
Apple Store you will be refused your warranty.
There is, however no harm in restoring your
device back to its factory settings before
turning it in for repair – if you can. Ultimately,
if you have any doubts about jail breaking your
phone then it is probably best to avoid the
procedure and enjoy your iPhone or iPad as it
was originally intended.

Google’s Android Web Store: HOW to USE

This is SO exciting.But need more explanation about  the “currency options”.


 Google has unveiled the Android Market Web Store, a Web-based version of the Android app store.

Google also announced in-app purchasing for Android apps, and new currency options for developers.

“The Android Market Web Store is basically the new way that users can get apps on their devices,” said Chris Yerga, Android engineering director for cloud services at Google.

Until today, users could only access Android Market apps via the app store client on their phone. Now, users can go to and peruse all the available apps. It is live now. WOW
The Android Web Store includes a carousel with promotional banners for apps, as well as familiar categories like features, top paid, and top free, Yerga said.
To purchase, click the buy option and a pop-up window will appear, asking you which device on which you want to install the app. Select payment option and the Web Store will send the app directly to your mobile device.

More”No wires, no synching with computers, none of that sort of nonsense,” Yerga said. “Everything just works seamlessly syncing between the two.”

There is also a Twitter sharing feature to tweet about certain apps.GO TWITTER

The links will open in the Web Store on the Internet and in the Android Market on mobile devices.

Google also announced support for in-app purchases. “Developers who integrate with our in-app purchasing SDK can sell a variety of virtual goods within their apps,” Yerga said.

Yerga also announced buyer currency support, which will allow developers to specifically choose a price in different currencies. It will roll out slowly; it is available today for an initial set of U.S. currencies. In the coming months, Google will add new currencies and new seller support.

Some app developers were on hand including Disney, which said it will release Android versions of Radio Disney, Jelly Car, and Tap Tap Revenge. Radio Disney is coming in the next few weeks, with the other two apps appearing in the spring.

CNN executives also unveiled a CNN app specifically built for Android Honeycomb. That includes an option to submit iReports from average viewers directly from the app. It will be available for free on the Motorola Xoom in the near future and other Android tablets as they are released, CNN said.

Google has revamped how users navigate on Android, with a new button dedicated solely to multi-tasking. There is a notification and systems status area on the bottom right, but the rest of the screen is dedicated entirely to apps, he said. The home screen is not just a “warehouse of apps; it’s an app development platform in itself,” he said. Widgets can be stacked for easy scrolling through things like baseball stats or YouTube videos.

“What really matters is, despite the clever computer science we have to enable the smooth experience, it’s just about quick and easy access to important information,” Barra said.

Barra showed off Honeycomb’s IM options, video chat functionality, and notifications, which he said were designed to be “completely non-intrusive.”

Barra also said Google has “spent a significant amount of effort to make sure existing Android apps run really well on tablets.” He pulled up Fruit Ninja on a Honeycomb tablet, a game he said was built before Honeycomb even existed. “It works amazingly well,” Barra said.

To enable developers to build apps for phones and tablets, Google has added something called “application fragment.” Barra opened Gmail to demonstrate with a left folder view and inbox on the right. The left-most pane slid out to reveal another pane. These panes are “application fragments,” and can be used to encapsulate specific functionality between the phone and tablet version of the app, Barra said.

Honeycomb also includes a dragging manager that lets users drag messages into specific folders. He promised a “lot more” where that’s concerned.

Barra also talked up performance. ”

All the 2D drawing developers have been doing with the existing framework can now be hardware accelerated, and developers can do that by adding one line of code,” he said.

Google “also added a new animation framework to Honeycomb to enable transitions and overall polish.” He pointed to Renderscript, a new 3D graphics engine first unveiled last month that allows for rich 3D scenes.

Thank you Dean Takahashi

Appsnewbie says this is one great concept.

PlaySpan expands its pay-per-view video marketplace with anime titles (exclusive)
| Dean Takahashi
In recent months, PlaySpan has built a video marketplace where users can browse through video samples and then pay for a complete show if they decided they like it. Today, the company is adding a fifth major source of videos for the market in a deal with Japanese anime film provider Funimation Entertainment.

By itself, the Funimation deal may not be a big one. But PlaySpan is starting to build an interesting business that targets users with common interests. PlaySpan built its game marketplace using its virtual goods technology. In that marketplace, users can play free-to-play games, where they start playing for free and then pay real money for virtual goods. Across the PlaySpan Marketplace, users can spend their virtual currency on goods in a wide variety of games. That kind of offer has proven interesting to millions of gamers.

PlaySpan is betting those gamers will also spend money on videos that appeal to the same kind of interests. This is just one more example of digital video businesses chipping away at the traditional TV and movie marketplace.

In July, PlaySpan expanded into video offering, making money by charging users micro-payments, or very small fees. The PlaySpan PriceYourVideo platform lets video publishers set per-view prices on their videos, where a user can watch a sample for a minute or so for free and then pay to unlock the rest of the show.

Funimation will now launch hundreds of premium paid shows using the PlaySpan platform. Karl Mehta, chief executive of Santa Clara, Calif.-based PlaySpan, says that major media companies are flocking to the platform so they can access the ready-to-spend gamers who are also quite willing to spend money on related interest videos such as anime.

Funimation has a wide range of anime videos, including the game-focused Devil May Cry, which is based on a Capcom video game series that has sold more than 10 million copies. With Funimation’s videos, users can watch a minute for free and then pay 99 cents to watch the video an unlimited number of times for seven days. The first 1,000 people who sign up can get 50 free Ultimate Points.

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