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Can you believe this ?

For the adaptive/challenged user market this is astounding

Tobii lines up eye tracking innovations at CeBIT

Tobii Technology lays out several eye tracking innovations at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

Visitors to the booth have the chance to test, among other devices, an eye controlled laptop.

Tobii will present a broad selection of eye trackers and demonstrate what its technology can be used for, today and tomorrow.

 This year’s innovations include:

A fully functional laptop prototype with integrated eye control
Tobii TX 300, the brand new 300 Hz eye tracker developed for research and analysis

Tobii Glasses, the revolutionary mobile eye tracker
The first-ever comprehensive solution for efficient, high-quality eye tracking of mobile devices

The latest addition ofcommunication devices is:  Tobii C15 (15”) with the CEye eye control unit
Tobii offers products for a multitude of application areas, including scientific research, user experience testing, advertising research, eye controlled interfaces in consumer computers and communication devices that help special people communicate, components for integration in third-party products, and much more.

Again- I repeat for the adaptive/challenged user market this is astounding.  

More than 4,000 people around the world value the features found in Tobii’s eye controlled devices.

These  world leading eye trackers are used by over 1,000 commercial and academic customers, including several Fortune 500 companies, and a large percentage of the world’s leading universities and research institutions.

“CeBIT is a melting pot of people and technology. We’ve been involved in the trade show six years running and each year it’s a challenge to meet the flow of visitors wanting to see for themselves how eye tracking works.

 This year we are proud to present a handful of new products that visitors can test in an easy and automatic way,” says Tobii’s CEO, Henrik Eskilsson

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