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The naughty gaffe  Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) sent that may wreck his marriage, ruin his career and destroy his reputation appears to be the result of a one-letter typo: “@” instead of “D.”

WOW- Anthony you have this much to lose and you put yourself at risk? Well- silly me for asking …how quickly we forget..

What did President Bill Clinton have to lose with THE MONICA –just the whole flippin’ US Presidency and leadership of the free world. BUT….Bill Clinton followed the same trusted political advisor as the Anthony, the Arnold and John Edwards-

The WISE AND WICKED WEINIE… But I digress from Twitter technology. Sorry.

Anthony Weiner is far from a computer newbie, observes appsnewbie.  Weiner has been called   a “technophile” by The New York Times,  and also Weiner has been an accomplished and active  tweeter. The Anthony Weiner posts to TWITTER many times a day, writes from his BlackBerry, uses hashtags to enhance  his tweets, and is a real Internet savvy guy.

Then why did he do an appsnewbie level mistake on the social networking service by goofing up  Twitter’s Direct Message (DM) feature. ‘Cause it is EASY to goof up this Twitter feature- that is why..

The TWITTER DM feature  is  used to send private messages between two Twitter users, and turns a private message  into a public tweet.

“Last Friday , I tweeted a photograph of myself that I intended to send as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in Seattle,” Weiner admitted during a press conference. He also said  he deeply regrets the way he has used Twitter. (MISUSED- in the humble opinion of appsnewbie ).

Anthony Weiner is not the first Twitter sorrowful recipient of a “DM fail,” as this  error is known on Twitter: Economist Nouriel Roubini tweeted — then deleted — an insult that that was presumably meant for a DM conversation, saying of a reporter, “Off the record (JOHN DOE) is a loser and like all parasite losers he hopes for attention and traffic.”  ( Oh boy –try to tweet your way out of THAT one Nouriel…A real push me pull you …)Advertisement


“Twitter was not really designed for privacy. If you do not want it public, don’t put it on Twitter,” said Chet Wisniewski, a security expert who writes for a blog run by Sophos, a software provider. (Oh, SOPHOS – you are SO correct. ESPECIALLY if you are an appsnewbie)..

Hmm. Maybe Anthony Weiner should have read my instructional Twitter book which I wrote for

Ineternet appsnewbies.

SEE my book www.TWITTER4NEWBIES.COM/twitter/


Bottom line don’t even THINK about using  social networks a place to send personal- possibly embarrassing messages.  These services are designed to share data , and privacy is not the prime objective .

If your Grandma would have a heart attack if she read     it don’t send it. (Especially not if your Internet advisor is your weiner…LOL).

The R-rated revelation from Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) will probably wreck his marriage, has already ruined his career and  his reputation – and appears to be the result of a one-letter typo: “@” instead of “D.”



He sends a juvenile – teenage dumb and dumber level

LOOK AT MY WEINIE   message  to at least six women he did not know- just how dumb can this guy be?



WHEN there are 20,000,000 people unemployed and underemployed ????

01/01/2011 – 03/31/2011 | $243,065 – Congressioanal Record
Why, oh why cannot Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) he keep it in his pants???

Hey, in the tech age, the media knows if you chew with your mouth open.And the only thing you better have in there is a Happy Meal….and not that happy.
And you better not be puttin’ your weiner–LOL – where it does not belong.
Keep your pants zipped except for your wife and to pee.Period.

Then we have John Edwards -another sleaze-the former presidential candidate was indicted for allegedly misusing campaign money to keep his pregnant mistress hidden.REALLY???

Last month, Maria Shriver got a standing ovation when she appeared on stage for a taping of Oprah’s show just 24 hours after hubby Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly acknowledged that he had a son with their former housekeeper.

Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, an accomplished and elegant lady.She married the Weiner just last July. LOL- what an auspicious start- Bill Clinton ( of the I NEVER had sex with that woman fame)- officiated.

On Monday, Weiner’s wife Huma was mising in action; she did not do the ” Stand by your Man” -
when he teared up and fessed up and claimed the crotch photo as his own weiner.
He had accidentally TWEETED it out- then freaked out; it had been intended for viewing only by a woman in Seattle with whom he’d developed an online relationship.
Consistent- ya gotta give him that….
But what about the other steamy pics, the Mr. America chest- LOL-in front of what appears to be a credenza of framed family photos? An experienced deception artist NOT…


01/01/2011 – 03/31/2011 | $243,065
10/01/2010 – 12/31/2010 | $279,668
Fiscal Year: 2011 $522,733
/04/01/2003 – 06/30/2003 | $176,581
01/01/2011 – 03/31/2011 | $243,065
It’s hard to tell, but the picture in the bottom left corner of the screen appears to be Weiner with his wife.

We all know that backgrounds and skills matter and we are paying $243,065 for the WEINER

AND WE- like the embarassed wives of disgraced politicos,

AS TAXPAYERS – WE DESERVE MUCH MORE for our $243,065 per year-


From a nation under bailout- unemployed, underemployed and outsourced-

We are not getting our moneys worth..




Is there NO END to the POWER of the WEINIE?????

The entitled politicos are saying “Meet my new political media advisor – my weinie.”  RIGHT….

Appsnewbie is not shocked about marital cheating - sadly- I have REALLY gotten used to the weinie being a politicians trusted moral compass.

But the Internet- and INSTANT media coverage with apps- digital phones- smartphones -Facebook-Twitter-



Is there NO END to the POWER of the WEINIE?????

As an aside- and whatever you voters  in New York are paying him-


WOW the POWER OF a man’s  WEINIE….Remember that Ladies—
LOOK AT MY WEINER…Anthony Weiner said

LOL. I have not heard that one since  second grade on the playground-

A REALLY embarassed and disgraced  New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner finally ADMITTED admitted that he had sent sexually suggestive photographs of himself over the internet, and sexual flirts on Twitter confessed to lying to cover it up but said that he was not resigning.

For a computer savvy guy how dumb can you get???

Like Arnold and John Edwards -he made his WEINER  his political advisor.
In a half-hour press conference during which he at several times was fighting back tears, Weiner made a total and grovelling apology. After days in which he had at first claimed the photographs were hacked out of his computer and sent without his knowledge, he said he took responsibility for his “dumb” actions.

“To be clear, the picture was of me, and I sent it. I’m deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife, and our family, my constituents, my friends, my supporters and my staff,” he said.

Weiner said several times that he would not stand down from the New York district that he has represented for 13 years, saying he had broken no rules or laws.

 Anthony Weiner broke down several times during the press conference.

The congressman’s confession came after it became clear that his story could not hold. A few hours before he spoke, the conservative website that had first broken the story,, had come out with a new set of photographs showing Weiner in semi-clad postures that the site said had been sent to an unnamed woman last month.

Andrew Breitbart, the founder of the website, hijacked Weiner’s press conference, taking to the stage before the congressman appeared to berate him and the media for accepting his lie that the photographs had been hacked.

Weiner said that he had had inappropriate internet communications with six women, some of which had happened after he had married Huma Abedin, a close aide to the secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

But he insisted the relationships were only on the Internet,  and he had never met any of the women.

The first communication to be uncovered was a photograph of a man in his underwear sent from his Twitter feed to a 21-year-old woman. He said he had sent it as a joke, then tried to cover it up by claiming his account had been hacked.

“I lied because I was ashamed at what I had done, and I didn’t want to get caught.”
Dating/ Cheating /Love
<strong>Ok, ladies  let’s just think with logic-
Now we KNOW we can get ANYTHING if we just work on a guy’s  weinie—
(<strong>Dating/ Cheating /Love</strong>
are ruled by a man’s weinie,(with gleeful encouragement from two nearby loose hangers)-</strong>In all fairness, how could we expect<strong> The Arnold </strong>
The Goverator Arnold- to be any different?
 Arnold – with your sense of entitlement
 I deserve to be able to screw around… so to speak..o

To anticipate that you would behave differently?

The weinie and the gleeful gonads are your man’s advisors-
Let nothing surprise you.

Keep your legs crossed and your eyes WIDE open -
Yes- CUPCAKE, in that order…..



Try this link in your browser
See what you think.
To tablet or not to tablet – that is the question.
I call it a ‘handtop” – versus a laptop -
Do you need it? Or do you just LUST after the newest -fastest tech toy?
That being said, there is nothing wrong with that consumer spirit Buckwheat-
you keep the wheels of commerce spinning.Go ye and spend.
Is it cost effective is the tablet for you? Now -or in the near future?
Let me know what you think.
A Tablet PC is portable computer whose primary input device is touch screen. Period.

Other characteristics are their tablet emulted size, wireless connection to Internet and local area networks. They are powered by variety of operating systems. Some are proprietary ones like Apple iPad; iOS others include windows 7, windows Vista and Android systems.

A project that started in Apple laboratories in 1989 resulted in first tablet pc named Newton launched on market in 1993. Revolutionary idea and product were way ahead its time and Newton sank into history almost unperceived. Next major step was introduction of special Microsoft XP windows OS named Windows XP Tablet PC edition in 2001. This edition incorporated support for pen-sensitive screen and handwriting. Microsoft’s contribution is also the name “Tablet PC” as this was the first time it was used. Various attempts from different companies were made since then. But final breakthrough came again from part of Apple in form of iPad in 2010. Comparison of tablet PC computers in 2011 shows that iPad has the biggest share and it is expected that it will hold it’s position with iPad2 launched on March 11, 2011.

It is estimated that tablet pc share will grow and soon surpass a popular netbooks. Forrester Research is predicting that over 20 millions of units will be sold in 2005. This means more then 40% growth per year and thus most rapidly growing market among personal computers devices.

Forms of tablet pc
We can find different types of tablet PCs on the market. Tablet pc comparison can be done according to their form. These are standard forms of tablet computers:

Slate tablet pc -
A classical tablet pc form of pad with one touch screen and without keyboard. ( Think Ceasar Augustus…)
Convertible tablet pc -
Basically a notebook with touch screen capability. They come in form of base and a screen that can be rotated around swivel for 180 degrees.
Hybrid tablet pc -
Convertible tablets with detachable keyboard
Booklets -
A dual screen tablets that can be folded like a book.
Rugged tablet pc -
Tablet pc resistant and adapted to hard atmospherically conditions. Used as a platform for using pc on terrain.

HMMMM- Just food for thought from for


What a story and what an astounding and successful journey.
In previous posts in my APPSNEWBIES blog, there are photos and information about my teaching International Business at the Episcopal University in Port au Prince Haiti just before the devastating earthquake. My trip was sponsored and supported by the generosity of FAVACA ( FAVACA.ORG) an educational and governmental arm of the Florida Attorneys General’s Office.

One of my most enthusiastic, intelligent and ambitious
students was a gentleman named Roosevelt Gabriel Jean, who demonstrated a never faltering, burning desire to become an entrepreneur.

I returned to the United States , but Roosevelt and I continued to keep in touch buy email, and he informed me about his garment /T_SHIRT /PRINTING company.
He has a GREAT line Of uniform hospital , novelty ware and T-Shirts.
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Google’s Android Web Store: HOW to USE

This is SO exciting.But need more explanation about  the “currency options”.


 Google has unveiled the Android Market Web Store, a Web-based version of the Android app store.

Google also announced in-app purchasing for Android apps, and new currency options for developers.

“The Android Market Web Store is basically the new way that users can get apps on their devices,” said Chris Yerga, Android engineering director for cloud services at Google.

Until today, users could only access Android Market apps via the app store client on their phone. Now, users can go to and peruse all the available apps. It is live now. WOW
The Android Web Store includes a carousel with promotional banners for apps, as well as familiar categories like features, top paid, and top free, Yerga said.
To purchase, click the buy option and a pop-up window will appear, asking you which device on which you want to install the app. Select payment option and the Web Store will send the app directly to your mobile device.

More”No wires, no synching with computers, none of that sort of nonsense,” Yerga said. “Everything just works seamlessly syncing between the two.”

There is also a Twitter sharing feature to tweet about certain apps.GO TWITTER

The links will open in the Web Store on the Internet and in the Android Market on mobile devices.

Google also announced support for in-app purchases. “Developers who integrate with our in-app purchasing SDK can sell a variety of virtual goods within their apps,” Yerga said.

Yerga also announced buyer currency support, which will allow developers to specifically choose a price in different currencies. It will roll out slowly; it is available today for an initial set of U.S. currencies. In the coming months, Google will add new currencies and new seller support.

Some app developers were on hand including Disney, which said it will release Android versions of Radio Disney, Jelly Car, and Tap Tap Revenge. Radio Disney is coming in the next few weeks, with the other two apps appearing in the spring.

CNN executives also unveiled a CNN app specifically built for Android Honeycomb. That includes an option to submit iReports from average viewers directly from the app. It will be available for free on the Motorola Xoom in the near future and other Android tablets as they are released, CNN said.

Google has revamped how users navigate on Android, with a new button dedicated solely to multi-tasking. There is a notification and systems status area on the bottom right, but the rest of the screen is dedicated entirely to apps, he said. The home screen is not just a “warehouse of apps; it’s an app development platform in itself,” he said. Widgets can be stacked for easy scrolling through things like baseball stats or YouTube videos.

“What really matters is, despite the clever computer science we have to enable the smooth experience, it’s just about quick and easy access to important information,” Barra said.

Barra showed off Honeycomb’s IM options, video chat functionality, and notifications, which he said were designed to be “completely non-intrusive.”

Barra also said Google has “spent a significant amount of effort to make sure existing Android apps run really well on tablets.” He pulled up Fruit Ninja on a Honeycomb tablet, a game he said was built before Honeycomb even existed. “It works amazingly well,” Barra said.

To enable developers to build apps for phones and tablets, Google has added something called “application fragment.” Barra opened Gmail to demonstrate with a left folder view and inbox on the right. The left-most pane slid out to reveal another pane. These panes are “application fragments,” and can be used to encapsulate specific functionality between the phone and tablet version of the app, Barra said.

Honeycomb also includes a dragging manager that lets users drag messages into specific folders. He promised a “lot more” where that’s concerned.

Barra also talked up performance. ”

All the 2D drawing developers have been doing with the existing framework can now be hardware accelerated, and developers can do that by adding one line of code,” he said.

Google “also added a new animation framework to Honeycomb to enable transitions and overall polish.” He pointed to Renderscript, a new 3D graphics engine first unveiled last month that allows for rich 3D scenes.

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