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 is an open source web application which enables the user to search through the content at Although has its own advanced search, <object width=”640″ height=”390″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” allowScriptAccess=”always” width=”640″ height=”390″></embed></object>


Mail.Ru Group WANTS  advertising for BETA social nets

Mail.Ru Group launches targeted advertising for social nets

and do not forget Odnoklassiniki

Mail.Ru Group announces the launch of the beta version of the Target platform for targeted advertising in social networks. As of today, the platform allows companies to place their ads in social networks — My World@Mail.Ru and Odnoklassiniki.

The Target is designed to enable tens of thousands of advertisers, regardless of the size and kind of business, to access the multi-million audience of Mail.Ru Group, which currently runs Russia’s largest social networks. Now you can target your ad at visitors of a certain sex, age, and location, and the range of parameters available will be expanded regularly.

The Target allows the promoting of both external websites and corporate pages in social networks ( such as applications, communities, information pages, etc.).

To send money to your Target account, you can use Money@Mail.Ru, other major e-purses, payment cards, QIWI terminals, and Internet banking systems.

Developers of applications for My World@Mail.Ru can pay for their ad campaign with money earned through sales of additional services. Similar functions will soon appear in Odnoklassniki, too.  

Target pricing is based on the price for the showing. At the next stage, we plan to offer advertisers the opportunity to buy ads via pay-per-click auctions. 

Developers of the Target have taken into account of the numerous experiences and feedback provided by users of the advertising system Ads@Mail.Ru, launched a number of months ago.

 In contrast to the system of automatic ad sales via Ads@Mail.Ru, which is available from My World@Mail.Ru only, the Target already provides a fully-fledged service for both social networks of the company.

Throughout the world, targeted advertising is acknowledged as a promising model for monetizing social networks. For precisely this reason it is critical for Mail.Ru Group to create an effective advertising service enabling tens of thousands of advertisers to access the audience of the two largest social networks of the Runet [Russian Internet].

HOW GOOD IS THIS … thank you

APPSNEWBIE  likes this….NO they do NOT pay me….


4G -3G- Oh GEE- I am a state of TECH OVERLOAD.

T- Mobile- I love you – but I can’t keep up with your new and newest phones and all the REALLY NEAT things the phones will do.

Yes- I am impressed. But I am just now barely moving in to a committed relationship with my Samsung Vibrant.
For me – as a consumer, I really just need the pace to SLOW DOWN -between the pictures- and the sharing- and the multiple Gs -Whew.
Share life in an instant,
with T-Mobile’s 4G network.
With our 4G network, you can share important moments in the blink of an eye. Video hat with the kids while you’re traveling on business, stream live HD video of your son’s birthday party to Grandpa, or download Aunt Jan’s pictures instantly. All without being tied to your desk or a Wi-Fi network. ( HUH?? I am glad you have such faith in me. )

Share moments large and small—as they happen: I sure hope to.

Video chat without being tied to Wi-Fi – At this point- only in my aspirations. Stream YouTube™ and other video files at blazing-fast speeds
Send photos to friends and family faster than before* – this MIGHT be possible.
Browse the Web with amazing speed—even when you’re on a call – OK this can work.
Easily send e-mail with large attachments –WOW- I can DO this…
Download documents, photos, apps, and music in a blink – This too. On a roll.
Your 3G phone may already be faster, thanks to our 4G network!*

T- Mobile- hang on- WAIT -wait for me. I am adapting as fast as I can.

Japanese Astronaut Plans to Grow Space Cucumbers

Cucumbers may be out of favor on earth, as a possible source of the E. coli outbreak in Germany, but a Japanese astronaut said that he plans to harvest the vegetable on board the International Space Station.

 Satoshi Furukawa is set to blast off early Wednesday for a half-year stint in orbit along with Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov and NASA astronaut Michael Fossum.

Speaking about experiments scheduled for the next few months, Furukawa said he would be growing cucumbers as part of ongoing studies on how future space explorers will be able to harvest their own food. “We wish we were able to eat the cucumbers, but we have not been allowed,” Furukawa, a doctor, said at a news conference.

Millions of concerned consumers across Europe have been spurning cucumbers in the wake of an E. coli outbreak blamed on contaminated vegetables that has killed 22 and sickened more than 2,200. Mindful of their own health ahead of their mission, astronauts at the Russia-leased Baikonur launch pad in Kazakhstan remain in strict isolation in the days ahead of any launch to avoid exposure to infection. Furukawa, Fossum and Volkov sat behind a plate of protective glass as they talked about the highlights of their upcoming mission.

Fossum said he was ready for the heavy workload that will come with being in orbit as the U.S. shuttle Atlantis makes its final voyage to the space laboratory in July. “There is always an adaptation time when we get there, but we are going to hit the ground running. We have to,” he said. South Dakota native Fossum, 53, is the oldest member of the outbound crew and has been closely involved with the design and assembly of the International Space Station over its brief history.

“(I) helped design the space station, I helped build it on two assembly flights, and now to have the opportunity to live there is just amazing,” he said. Fossum said that while the shuttles had completed their purpose of helping to assemble the space station, “We are going to miss the shuttle’s capabilities, because… they are awesome and unmatched.”

The grounding of the shuttles will leave Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft as the only means of ferrying crew to the station and back to Earth. Reprising the food-related theme, Volkov said the Russian segment will be planting tomatoes and joked that he hoped astronauts might be granted permission to prepare a salad. He added that “to be honest, what I would really like is fried potatoes.”

Japan has led the way in trying to raise culinary standards in space. Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi, who is in Baikonur escorting Furukawa’s family, even made his own sushi while on the space



Is there NO END to the POWER of the WEINIE?????

The entitled politicos are saying “Meet my new political media advisor – my weinie.”  RIGHT….

Appsnewbie is not shocked about marital cheating - sadly- I have REALLY gotten used to the weinie being a politicians trusted moral compass.

But the Internet- and INSTANT media coverage with apps- digital phones- smartphones -Facebook-Twitter-



Is there NO END to the POWER of the WEINIE?????

As an aside- and whatever you voters  in New York are paying him-


WOW the POWER OF a man’s  WEINIE….Remember that Ladies—
LOOK AT MY WEINER…Anthony Weiner said

LOL. I have not heard that one since  second grade on the playground-

A REALLY embarassed and disgraced  New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner finally ADMITTED admitted that he had sent sexually suggestive photographs of himself over the internet, and sexual flirts on Twitter confessed to lying to cover it up but said that he was not resigning.

For a computer savvy guy how dumb can you get???

Like Arnold and John Edwards -he made his WEINER  his political advisor.
In a half-hour press conference during which he at several times was fighting back tears, Weiner made a total and grovelling apology. After days in which he had at first claimed the photographs were hacked out of his computer and sent without his knowledge, he said he took responsibility for his “dumb” actions.

“To be clear, the picture was of me, and I sent it. I’m deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife, and our family, my constituents, my friends, my supporters and my staff,” he said.

Weiner said several times that he would not stand down from the New York district that he has represented for 13 years, saying he had broken no rules or laws.

 Anthony Weiner broke down several times during the press conference.

The congressman’s confession came after it became clear that his story could not hold. A few hours before he spoke, the conservative website that had first broken the story,, had come out with a new set of photographs showing Weiner in semi-clad postures that the site said had been sent to an unnamed woman last month.

Andrew Breitbart, the founder of the website, hijacked Weiner’s press conference, taking to the stage before the congressman appeared to berate him and the media for accepting his lie that the photographs had been hacked.

Weiner said that he had had inappropriate internet communications with six women, some of which had happened after he had married Huma Abedin, a close aide to the secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

But he insisted the relationships were only on the Internet,  and he had never met any of the women.

The first communication to be uncovered was a photograph of a man in his underwear sent from his Twitter feed to a 21-year-old woman. He said he had sent it as a joke, then tried to cover it up by claiming his account had been hacked.

“I lied because I was ashamed at what I had done, and I didn’t want to get caught.”
Dating/ Cheating /Love
<strong>Ok, ladies  let’s just think with logic-
Now we KNOW we can get ANYTHING if we just work on a guy’s  weinie—
(<strong>Dating/ Cheating /Love</strong>
are ruled by a man’s weinie,(with gleeful encouragement from two nearby loose hangers)-</strong>In all fairness, how could we expect<strong> The Arnold </strong>
The Goverator Arnold- to be any different?
 Arnold – with your sense of entitlement
 I deserve to be able to screw around… so to speak..o

To anticipate that you would behave differently?

The weinie and the gleeful gonads are your man’s advisors-
Let nothing surprise you.

Keep your legs crossed and your eyes WIDE open -
Yes- CUPCAKE, in that order…..

Google Science Fair finalists are in!


 Just had to pass it on.Thank you,

Three cheers-this program  it really is  inspiring.

This reminds me of the Virtrual Scientist  program for students in Boca raton Florida.

from Allegro Productions.

<object width=”640″ height=”390″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” allowScriptAccess=”always” width=”640″ height=”390″></embed></object>This is a break from our usual slew of tech stories.  I’m kind of a science geek.  Can’t really do the technical parts (I’m not so inclined with numbers), but I love seeing science in practical applications.  I hated Science Fairs as a kid, mostly because I couldn’t ever seem to get a cool enough project to work, but these kids are clearly a leg up on most of us. 

The finalists for the Google Science fair have been announced, and let me tell you: Science Fairs have changed… dramatically.

The Finalists

The oldest finalist is 18, and the ideas are amazing.  Here are just a few of the ideas coming out of the 13-14 year old bracket:

  • Prosthetic Limb improvements
  • A modified railroad switch that prevents derailments
  • Robots that can process commands given in English

From the 15-16 year olds:

  • Building a turbine that can work underwater
  • How to chart the ocean landscape remotely

The jobs numbers are worse than ever; 422,000 plus new claims this week.

There are more than 17,000,000 estimated people who are  UNDEREMPLOYED-OMG

This is some recovery all right. NEVER WAS ONE…But the international bond market  made money.

 And this is a LOW figure. Uncounted and underemployed. The MBAs working as clerks,

 the jobseekers over 50 can kiss anything but a straight commission job goodbye.

Are you too smart (sorry- the word is overqualified-ahem and  I know you have  heard  that one) or too old ( job descrition -entry level -enthusiastic-energetic)- you know..

 Be nice to that telemarketer. It could be your next job.

The talking heads do not even MENTION that prices for homes have YET to hit bottom- and will probably continue for the next 4 years. Those same  talking heads, by the way – have an average salary of $200,000 per year.

 You think they care??? LOL


When houses are losing value- people spend money  ONLY on the bare necessities-if people  cannot eat it, or put it in the gas tank – they do not buy it. PERIOD.

The only possible exception is the world of electronics- and there is a HUGE offline community we never see.The Americans who are HOMELESS- WITHOUT INTERNET – so they cannot apply for jobs.

HELLO APPLE and MICROSOFT -want to help ??? REALLY help???  That does not mean moving some old underperforming refurbished computers to a warehouse and giving them to a “shell nonprofit” who gets a Government grant to “distribute” them. You know better than that.

If you are a custom drapery company- or high end home furnishings dealer there is a very likely bankruptcy filing in your future.

And the media insults my intelligence with stories about the Weiner crotch photo?

Our American economy is facing  a death throe – and the airways are talking about a picture of some politicians  crotch and how rich is Lady GAGA?


Hackers  WHO and WHY??

The psychology and the real reason behind hacking and the social networking of hackers, will always be an enigma.

I can at least comprehend a financial crime- there is a tangible reward .

But to a civilian- non-hacker- it seems DUMB and POINTLESS..

Looking in a hacker’s mind, you have to be able relate  to how they think.

You have to relate to their “value system” – so to speak- to the  code of “internet slealth cred”

that they view as a badge of honor. The more civilian computers they can wreck – the better.

Portrayed as loners, hackers can be socially involved and fit into what is considered ‘normal’ everyday lives.

There appears to be a commonality of ‘power’ for hackers. The solving of ‘puzzles’ and the ‘see what I can do’ attitude is most apparent. By talking to ‘wannabees’ and individuals who have hacked, the ‘power’ of finding exploits and ‘showing’ the ‘bigger’ entity how they are not secure is the most outstanding trait you will find in these people.

Example- I once had -1200 yes- 1200 Trojans in my poor little old E Machine.



It performed  like the exorcist –turned on an off at will and the letters would be HUGE then TINY TINY- then freeze up …( WHIMPER)….

A computer security professional in my own family found the Hacker from hell..

We tracked him down; The hacker from hell  turned out to be  a 16 year old prankster in Hong Kong. But at what a cost to me – but what did he gain  ????


More to Come ….


Chief Accountants Needed for international companies based in Moscow.
Candidates must speak English
and have good experience of full year closing.
CV’s to

Everthing Old is NEW Again:PRINT MAIL

Yesterday I got a HUGE all color catalog in the mail;
I grabbed it – and my initial thought was WOW this must really be important.
This must really be a wealthy company; they can afford to send out such a very costly marketing piece as this.
As it turned out, the product area was not of interest to me.

A BIG mea culpa for the demographics /marketing department the company used who put me on the mailing list for such a costly ad endeavor.Oh well….
They DID get my attention. In spades.And my initial confidence, if the product area had been of interest.
If you can afford to do this in your business GO ..
If you are in a position to impress a customer- a professional mailed message has no peer-
EXCEPT by a courier delivery.

But you must be VERY sure that prospect can- and will deliver.
I definitely pay more attention to my print mail. Since there is just less mail, so more attention is paid to each piece. Less traditional publishers are printing magazines today, which leaves opportunities for you who are content marketers.

The web is great, but with the with the self styled mindless blogs- ( yep and I am a blogger)
when I see a print piece – I am impressed .
Cheap – hackneyed monetization schemes
PLR that was written in a dorm for $1.00 a page
getting readers for mindless drivel ..that seems to be the business plan of many sites.

Harvesting emails …Getting those page Numbers-apps for everything but breathing-
Opps – maybe there is an app for that as well
Just food for thought…
The market is inexorably accurate and trash is what it is –
And the novelty for having ones intelligence insulted is on the wane……

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